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A Note to Any Friend Thinking of Voting Trump
I wrote this on Facebook yesterday, aimed at some of my Republican-leaning friends. I'm re-posting here with some editing and a few small additions: We're fortunate in the US to live in a political system with robust
institutions that maintain the rule of...

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Why Is Trump Attracting Voters?
In the struggle
to understand Donald Trump’s resonance among white voters, a lot of
journalists and analysts are turning to various forms of the “losers of
modernity” argument. The gist of this argument is that support for
populist, radical-right partie...

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Our Polarized Worldview Politics
As I write this, consider some of the developments we have seen in Western politics in the past few months: The Brexit vote, where support for Leave correlates highly with views on immigration, yes, but also on completely unrelated issues such as the death ...

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Turkey's Failed Coup Attempt Will Be a Pretext for Erdogan to Seize Further Power
Originally published at Vocal Europe :  What should have been an ordinary summer Friday evening in Turkey
soon turned surreal. For some Istanbul residents, this meant a
disruption to their plans of enjoying a quiet evening with a magazine and a cup of coc...

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Readings on Brexit
Below are some useful readings on the Brexit vote by different scholars & journalists. In short, the big debate over right-wing populism is between an economic perspective arguing that the 'losers of globalization' (roughly, those with lower education and '...

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The Brexit Vote and Changing Electoral Divides
This was my most recent column at Vocal Europe : The outcome of the British EU referendum will shape
developments in the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) for years
to come. The nature of the campaign and the patterns of voting in the

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What It Is Really About
I spent 11 hours on the road today, so I heard a lot of solemn messages on the radio about 'honoring our fallen heroes,' those who 'died to protect our freedoms,' and so on. One of the most important freedoms for many Americans is that of speech. And rightf...

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What DePaul's Shameful Week Says About Academia's Deeper Problems
This is more of a reflective piece on what happened at DePaul in the past week, and what I think it says about some of academia's broader issues: I will not attempt to recap the whole controversy. You can read the coverage in DePaul's student newspaper here...

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The Meaning of Austria's Presidential Election
Originally posted at Vocal Europe on Tuesday: Alexander
Van der Bellen has narrowly defeated Norbert Hofer in the 2 nd round
of Austria’s presidential election. This
election result was a ‘first’ in two respects. What attracted the most
international media ...

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Turkey's 'Ratification Coup'?
On 5 May, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu announced his intention to step down as Prime Minister--a decision that was instigated by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. There will be a party congress on 22 May to select the new leader, but the reality is ...
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