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Seriously, what is wrong with this phone!? There was also insane lag (which is unfortunately common) around the time the battery life dropped. The most I've done is just listen to downloaded music today. Running Sprints OTA 5.1.1. This phone went from the best phone I've ever used to one of the worst. Someone please give me some ideas to save it.
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The fingerprint scanner did improve a lot in 5.1.1 but I have to say that I never really found it to be that bad anyway considering all the complaints &bad reviews I heard. It's more about putting the print in at 1st.If you hold the phone how you would normally and use a sideways thumb swipe then it would work well over90% of the time. Not half as bad as I'd heard but it has got quicker & even more accurate with updates. I've got animations on & dont suffer any lag. I found that if you turn the lights of the capacitive buttons this makes recent apps & back smooth & quick. If you have s voice search or whatever it is called dissable so it's not waiting for a 2nd or 3rd press. Folks just love to complain. The note has been a bigger s series for a while. The 4&5 were just the same as note 2& 3 other than the difference in the leather print on back plate & the holes in the s5. My m8s s5 feels almost the same as my note 4 in my hand
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Some slow-mo running on +Pro-Line Racing Trenchers. These wheels spin so fast you can't see these tires do their work in real time. Some slow-mo really shows a lot.

Unfortunately the park I was at in the video banned rc's...
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+My Rc Page blog same, here I wanted a 1/5 scale eventually, but there is no big place to run them. That isn't inconveniently far...
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Look out Sprint users, looks like we are getting something minor today.
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I think what you mean is, you unrooted and took the update and now you can't root again because there is no root method for the update.
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Matthew Yee-Fong

Short Course  - 
Some new +Pro-Line Racing​ Pro-Spec shocks. They sure so shine in the sun.
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Matthew Yee-Fong

Short Course  - 
My Slash posing at sunset
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Bashing my Slash around the park.... At night
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+Waiting // Outside I have it planned, just got a 2S lipo to it. ;)
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Matthew Yee-Fong

Samsung Galaxy Note  - 
Update for Sprint Note 4, looks like at least Sprint took StageFright seriously.

Post-Update: This is Android 5.1.1 and it looks like the home button and the recent menu button lag has been fixed.
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I dont know why I checked on my T-Mobile note 4 and expected to see an update lol
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Here is some bashing today. +Pro-Line Racing posted something a while back that asked something like, "Who thinks Trenchers are awsome". Here is my response to that post.

Sorry if video gets a wavy, driving with one hand and camera in the other isn't easy.
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Looks like a Trench-tastic time! 
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An autonomous RC car. Looks like a Traxxas Rally VXL platform. Pretty cool project seeing I did something almost similar in my first year of college. What do you guys think of it?
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Matthew Yee-Fong

Short Course  - 
Morning at the Beach
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lol thats what i have its okay
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Someone asked me to make a video. One hand driving is not easy and sorry for the wind noise :/
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Matthew Yee-Fong

commented on a video on YouTube.
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If this was aired on TV, I probably won't skip the commercials. I would raise the volume instead.
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Honestly can't find anything wrong. The food looks freshly made no matter what time you walk in. Just make sure to take sushi first because the options at the buffet will fill you up quick.
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For 13 years straight this restaurant has never failed me.
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