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Mat “TattooRunner” Grills
Tattooed, minimalist, nature lover, vegan, ultra man!
Tattooed, minimalist, nature lover, vegan, ultra man!

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Hay friends! I have posted a new blog on my website today at Just wondering if you can and don't mind, please head over to the site and subscribe so you can recieve any posts I do in the future. This is my 100th post in here so I wil...

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Hay y'all! Hope things are super! Just a reminder I am now posting and blogging over at my website I have added a new entry today to my 16weeks to Glasshouse page so head over, check that out and subscribe while your there! Thanks y'...

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New blog
Hay everyone! Hope this reaches you all well! Just wanted to let you know I have posted a new blog over at my website please go over and have a look, subscribe and get amongst it. Have a rad day!

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To say that I am excited about this moment is a sever understatement!!!!  I am SO SO pumped and proud to announce that the long awaited website is now up and ready to roll!  I would LOVE it if you had the time to head over, check it out and subscribe to the...

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Well, I planned on posting a blog last week but things were hectic (whats new!?) so here we are!  There is SO much going on and SO many exciting things happening at the moment it is nearly blowing my head up!  So, where to start.... First of all - today I s...

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Booties got back....almost!
MY PEOPLE!  Well, I haven't really felt like a runner as of late let me tell you!  Whist I am back training (elliptical and spin bike at the gym...ugh!) there has still been no running due to the stress fracture in my foot.  My physio has said that I am alo...

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New digs and what not!
Hay ya peeps!  I hope this post finds you all lovin life, being kind to one and other and chasing your own adventures!  I just wanted to do a catch up blog to let you all know what is going on with us, what we have been doing and how life is doing! So, on S...

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BOOT ON! Above is a picture of what I will be seeing when I look down for the next little while....thoes who know me, know that this would usually make me incredibly sad and depressed....BUT.... I'm happy because...I only have the first stages of a stress f...

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Fit - Check, Race - Check, Injured - Check....
Well, Sunday just gone was my first race for the year, Beerway at Daybreak.  I was really looking forward to it and had been training really well in the lead up.  I had been having some niggles in my left foot for about a month prior (stemming from Coast 2 ...
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