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The premier party weekend and event organizing company in the capitol of Hungary
The premier party weekend and event organizing company in the capitol of Hungary


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We do regular quality control of our fun activities, and you can read our latest review - on airsoft combat - on our brand new blog!

Another amazing City Break Budapest offer! If you book a city break with us for August with a group of 8 or more, and book 4 activities, we'll give you a 15% discount! 

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A City Break Budapest Special Offer!

Book any two activities with our company and receive free entrance to one of the biggest outdoor establishments in Budapest of your choosing! 

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So what’s a City Break Budapest gokarting session like?

Gokarting is fun, but as I asked around, not as many people have tried it as one might think. Well, people I know anyway. Point is, according to my “research”, you have either tried it before and want to do it again, or you haven’t in which case – yeah you want to try it. And so I did, a few days ago, with great success I’d say. In that I tried it. I wasn’t the best racer, really, but it was a whole lot of fun.

First off, the track is not far out of the city, and considering the size of the facility, it’s really not far from anywhere. We got a minibus transfer both there and back, so travel was a non-issue, but the bus was packed to capacity, so I didn’t mind the short ride.

We went indoor gokarting, which if for no other reasons I was already happy with because of the smell of the fumes. Wow that sounds wrong. I just like the engine smell then. That more okay? I can’t really tell. Anyway. There’s a pretty big reception area and a huge hall to hold conferences and stuff in. You couldn’t race in there so there is no point in describing it in any more detail. Or any detail. But this a “get the full picture” thing. Wow I’m getting sidetracked easily…

The race track was awesome. Wide enough to maneuver, and windy enough to make you think twice before doing any fancy stuff. We got a few rounds of warm-up before any real racing, which is great because it’s not like driving a car. I suspected as much, but figured a license would at least give me an edge over anyone who doesn’t have one. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t such a person there, but that is really beside the point. 

The thing about gokarting is that you feel the power and speed more than any car, even though the thing is less powerful and slower. You are much more in the open, like a bike, and the protective gear is there for a reason. Plus they’re still fast! It is a rush to sit behind the wheel, I totally get why someone would want to do this more often. 

The races itself were high on adrenalin, and it’s wasn’t just about who finishes first, it was more of a race against the clock and yourself, wanting to beat your best lap-time. Even if you aren’t in one of the cars, it is great fun to keep an eye on the other racers, especially since the glass separating you from the track has swiveling racecar seats on your side. They’re comfy and a great place to take a few profile pics.

The results are announced on a podium, and the winner gets a cool medal as well. there was a round of beer on the house which made it all the more celebratory, even though no one sprayed the beer on us from the podium. It didn’t last more than 2 hours I guess, but I was pretty bushed afterwards, even in the full bus. Gokarting is pretty awesome and if you’re coming for a City Break in Budapest, it’s a waste not to go yourselves. 

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It's almost over though...

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What’s a City Break Pub Crawl like?

It’s like this: On the night of your choosing, you’ll all hit the town with one of our lovely and more importantly, highly knowledgeable guides, who’ll show you what life in Budapest is like, through a tour of some of the best bars, pubs, clubs, and watering holes in the whole city. Think of it as an epic journey, with kingdoms to be conquered and booty to be plundered. You’re going to be drinking is what we’re saying. 

But where exactly? Well, I can’t say exactly because the guides usually have final say, and of course they will conform the route to whatever expectations the group might have. Our group wanted a medley – or at least that is the easiest way to word it. We had 5 stops in all, with the fifth acting as a real finale, but we’ll get to that a bit later on.

We basically stuck to two districts, the seventh and the sixth. The main reason for this was that the seventh district became sort of the alcohol based cultural melting pot of Budapest in the last couple of years. There are more places where you can get a drink than buildings. These range from holes in the wall, to genuine (or as close as you can get) Irish pubs, ruin-pubs and outright party centers.

But the ruin-pub proved most popular. You see there are a couple of places that were originally buildings with dozens of tenants, closed up, and the courtyards transformed into awesome pubs. A lot of foreigners gather here, and since our group was large we took to one the longest tables in the middle of it all. The cold was no issue because there are radiators running along under the tables. We met another group from England, I think, and we all toasted how such a band of people can get together in a place like this.

We went on to try 2 more bars, one of which had an amazing selection of whiskies, among other things, which for me was especially tantalizing. You ever try Jim Beam Honey? You really should. Generally everyone was more than happy with the prices especially, since Hungarians love beer more than water, and you can get it dirt cheap.
As for the finale, we gradually moved closer to the sixth district with each round of drinks, and got into one of the most popular new spots in town, which is similar in nature to the ruin pubs, except this is an actual club, with the style and swagger to prove it.

We got around to dancing, keeping our drink on, and basically partied till the early hours of the morning, after which the group got into cabs and headed back to the hotel they were staying at – they had a wake-up call in the morning – while I slowly but with a lilt in my steps, stumbled on home.

That is what a bar crawl is all about.

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While we work on the website and updated list of events you can choose for your City Break, I've decided to periodically give you a rundown, a sort of "sneek peek", at some of the events readily available!


Nah, I'm kidding, it's hot air-balloons. But really, if you think about, it really is a huge freaking flamethrower aimed at the sky, with you hanging in a wicker-basket. I'm just sayin', "Flamethrower flight" sounds way cooler.

Anyway. Here's how it all goes:

We'll arrange for you to get down to the balloons, but I would highly recommend leaving early in the morning or late in the evening though. The sunrise and sunset is nothing short of breathtaking. Return transfer is, of course, included as well. 

Once you attacked the sky with the flamethrower (no I won't stop using that analogy), you will be either taken out over Lake Velence, or over the bend of the Danube river, both amazing vistas.

All in all you'll have about an hour and a half to take in the view, and to top it all off, we'll have a bottle of champagne waiting for you when you touch down!

Naturally you might be worried that doubters would not believe you, so a certificate will be provided that you can frame and hang on your wall for all to see!

All of this will be handled by us, of course, and a lovely guide will be accompanying and helping you the whole way through!

This activity is now available for booking, though winter can make it difficult to arrange for suitable weather conditions.

Fun fact: The French invented the hot air-balloon, and had duels in them. The duelists had helpers, who took the risk of dying for no apparent reason whatsoever. Go figure.

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Welcome one and all to City Break Budapest!

Though we have been around for years, we have decided to overhaul our website, and links to you guys, so keep an eye out for frequent updates, reviews of activities and general shenanigans in the near future, right here!

Though everything is still underway, we are at your disposal to answer help and solve any questions,problems, or riddles you throw at us!

Be back soon!
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