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J Loren Norris
J Loren Norris - Coach :: Conference Speaker @ #TransformingGrace
J Loren Norris - Coach :: Conference Speaker @ #TransformingGrace

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"So here we are, a small, broken family trying to rebuild the brokenness, make up for lost time and love in spite of ourselves. We treasure transparency. We crave consideration. We exercise patient persistence. We hold on for dear life to family. In the end, they may be all we have left." J Loren Norris​

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How do we convert possibility to probability?
How do we choose between probabilities to direct the course and quality of our lives?
What if our "bag of possibilities" was limited from birth?
What If the probabilities we have to choose from are not good?
How do we increase the options, the odds and the opportunities in our life?

Growing up I always heard "everything is possible, not everything is practical." In this lesson we discuss the relationship between possibilities and probabilities.

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Are you burying your greatest talent to sustain your current career or lifestyle?

Let me explain:
If you were to live out the rest of your life or career right where you are today, could you stand before your Maker and honestly declare you have done everything you possibly could with the gifts and talents He loaned you?

As your Father, His love is unchangeable and unconditional - have you given Him the Father's Day gift of your talents expressed and multiplied?

What is your greatest gift from God?
What does it look like when expressed?
How does your gift improve the life of others?
Are you using your gift to the maximum in your current roles?

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“This morning after while Maxwell’s 5 tips, you stopped briefly after reading # “Show up” and commented re: how people have a title for a job and don’t do the work. You mentioned “life coaches” then went on with the football player example. I hear ‘life coaches’ have a mixed response, and most public speakers do not like that term. Indeed there are WIDE varieties of their ‘training’ some consist of an expensive weekend bootcamp, some a few hrs and yet others are more intense and have validity. I just wanted to ask what your perspective is on this field, and how one who attains a more in depth training from ‘fruitful’ instruction, express the differences in the field to prospects especially when they are just starting out and don’t have the ‘fruit’ themselves yet. Thank you. KC


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Parents need to realize they are their teen’s first role model. It really doesn’t matter what you say if you turn around and do the opposite. If you don’t want your teen to drink and drive then don’t do so either. Avoid texting and driving especially if you have your children in the car and beware, certain prescription drugs can cause drowsiness for you as well. Remember the old adage, “Monkey see, monkey do.” Set a good example and your teens will emulate your example.

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Rules? Regulations? Guiding principles? Leaders must know, follow and implement the difference. There are consequences for not following rules, known or unknown. There are rewards for following rules and all rewards and consequences follow a choice. Will you ask for permission to violate the laws of the universe or forgiveness of the consequences once you have?

Tell It Like It Is TV with J Loren Norris providing daily leadership lessons for faith, family and freedom.
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