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So I finally have some other design work to show aside from the work I do for Android and Me! I'm really excited to be working on wedding invitations for my friends, +Kat Roberts and +Keivan Askari and I finally made a breakthrough on their monogram.

We thought a Dia de los Muertos theme would be fun and fitting for their personalities, and I'm doing it in a way where it stays really light-hearted and really look celebratory, but also be fitting for how important a wedding is.

For their monogram, since they both have a K as their first initial, I thought it'd be really fun to combine two K's to make one uniform (but still clearly made up of two) mark. I think this captures the personality I was thinking of, though I still want to clean it up quite a bit to make it more clean for a wedding.

There was another I had that I liked quite a bit, but it looked a little stodgy. I think they both are too fun and non-traditional to have too serious and formal of a look. I still think these invitations will definitely look formal enough, though, and not be too far on the other end of the spectrum. It'll be easier to tell that, though, once I have it with all of the other art.

What do you guys think? Kat or Keivan, feel free to let me know if you have other ideas.

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Thanks :) It's been helpful having you around as a second set of eyes.
I can't wait either. There really aren't words to express the excitement. We are so lucky to have such an amazingly talented friend and Clark you're pretty swell too :)
Hahaha you are doing the same thing! You suck!
Thought I taught you both how to get along and play nice...:/ And it looks great angie. Im very proud of you and michael. I have some amazing children.
Thanks Ma :)

Also it doesn't look like it, but we are definitely getting along, hahaha.
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