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Fun most of the time
Fun most of the time


Hi Everyone and thanks to the person who invited me to join this wonderful community. I am not from Jerusalem. I come from a very small country in the pacific island but im so grateful for the invitation and more happy to be here with you all. Never been to the Holy City before but i read about it in the bible and i hope that one day i may set my feet in Jerusalem. God only knows the right time. With that, you all have a blessed evening. 

Thanks for the invitation.. Glad to be part of this awesome community..

Can someone tell me how often do females eats compared to males? I've had a bad time with someone who said, boys eat less than girls.. So do females eat more food than males?

Can someone tell me whether girls eat alot compared to boys? Im just confused when someone said that the fact is girls eat more food then boys..

Very nice community full of nice quotes.. Thanks for the invitation

Thanks for the invitation +Sandra Amoah 

Hi, thanks for providing the link to join this awesome community.. God Bless you all..

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