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Shirley Fine Lee - author, facilitator, and trainer
Shirley Fine Lee - author, facilitator, and trainer

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Only 3 days left! If you have not already done so, please vote for “Have You Got Mustard” in the Devotional Category for the 2016 Christian Literary Awards to win a Reader’s Choice Award at – Thanks! 

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Five Differences between Good Leaders and Bad Leaders
With all the political “foul” crying that is going on in the
USA right now, I thought it might be interesting to look at how leadership
works in business.  Why?  Like it or not, the president is the CEO of
the country and has the strength to lead .  So what...

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A Poem Asking America to Be the United States Again
Due to the recent voting protests in our country, I got to
thinking about the unnecessary whining and wrote a poem that hopefully will be
re-uniting.  Sometimes I think people
forget that democracy means will of the majority.  The election
is over -everyone...

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Guardian Service Cookware: Vintage American Dual-purpose Cooking and Table Kitchen Equipment
In cleaning out my mom’s stuff, we found her most prized kitchen item – her Guardian Service
roaster.  She never told me when she got it but I remember it always so it must have been a wedding present or an early-marriage purchase.  Mom often made a Sunday ...

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Before You Vote - Read or Watch This!
We are coming up on another election year.  We, as citizens of the United States, should rejoice in our freedom to choose our leadership.  If you are planning to vote for what you have been mislead to believe is true based on lies shared as American history...

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Procrastination Types and Prevention Tips Infographic
Below is an emoji-based i nfographic from  Luxafor containing 6 Tips on How to Prevent
Procrastination, as well as 5 Types of Procrastinators.  Go to their site if you want to see a larger version of infographic so you can read the fine print.

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Meeting Time and Cost Infographics and Statistics
I was recently asked to provide some references for all the meeting statistics flying around in the business world. 
Most are very old but are still being quoted today.  In checking the web, I not only found the
same old statistics, I found them graphically...

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Faith Small As A Mustard Seed - Have You Got Mustard revised
I am announcing  Have You Got Mustard?  A  Bible Study Guide for Growing Faith   release as Kindle ebook today.  I have updated my prior post, Introducing Have You Got Mustard? A Study Guide for Growing Faith to have the new links.  You can go to that post ...

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Feldspar - The Phenomena Gemstone Family: Amazonite, Labradorite, Moonstone, Sunstone, and More
Spectrolite-Labradorite Do you like stones that are out of the ordinary?  If you do, then you want to check out the
various members of the feldspar mineral
family.  Feldspar can be easily found many places but it has aspects that make it
outstanding.  Many ...

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Meeting Application for Smart Phones
In my
book R,A!R.A!
A Meeting Wizard’s Approach , I share tips for preparing and
evaluating meetings, as well as how to run them effectively and efficiently.   Because
I am a certified meeting facilitator and author of various business books , I get asked t...
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