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I live to help others!
I live to help others!
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I've used several different growlers, even having counter-filled glass growlers. Every growler has its' setbacks, glass is exposed to oxidation and UV light(amber glass helps this), can break easily, isn't allowed at beaches or rivers, and doesn't stay cold very long.
If you're fortunate enough to have an awesome brewery with counterfilling, then your glass growler will prevent oxidation, but will that lid prevent CO2 loss? I don't think so.
That's a long list of cons.

Enter stainless steel.
Stainless prevents UV exposure, thus ensuring your beer doens't skunk, plus stainless is durable, and comes double wall vaccuum sealed so you can have cold beer up to 8 and sometimes 12 hours later.
That's a lot of pros.
The biggest con is oxidation when considering a stainless growler, so how do companies prevent that?
Glass growlers have counterfilling, but stainless has only one company preventing oxidation: Brew-Tek.
Brew-Tek's drinkfresh lid has a stainless steel Schrader valve hidden in the lid.

With this drinkfresh lid, you can purge the oxygen from the container with the lid slightly loose just before pouring from the tap in your local brewery, and then purge again just before tightening the lid, this will ensure a marvelous oxidation and flavor protection for your beer.

Let's say you buy a high ABV beer and you don't finish it all in one sitting, you can re-purge the oxygen before sealing the lid, to prevent skunking and oxydation for several days longer than that old glass growler you have.

That's what I'm using now, hope you guys do too!

PS-You can only buy one from your local brewery, so check with Verboten in Loveland, CO, or bother your local guys into buying some!

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“Beer. Now there’s a temporary solution.” — Homer Simpson

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Uh wow!

Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What's your speed?

I'm so excited to work with Brew-Tek, amazing products for the #craftbeer   industry! #drinkfreshgrowler   #brewfreshnanobrewery  

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This is my favorite growler +Evo Terra, keeps the beer fresh longer, as if that's a problem.
Stainless growler for $18.99? Sold!

Though Arizona's teh stoopidz growler fill laws prohibit me from using it here. It would be an excellent option for transporting on flights, however. With glass, it's not a question of if but when you'll break one on the way home.


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Wow, what a great simple idea!
Camera stabilizing tech used in spoon for Parkinson's
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What is it about lying to our children about a fictional character played by winos at malls is such an important event? Children seem to figure out the falsities around age 7, so why lie in the first place?

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