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Gypsy Knights Games
Small press, third-party publishers of Traveller supplements.
Small press, third-party publishers of Traveller supplements.


The following is an excerpt from Action Movie Physics. Just a taste of what we're going to release on October 26!


Characters in Action Movie Physics will have the following characteristics: Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Endurance (END), Willpower (WIL), Perception (PER), Intelligence (INT), Education (EDU), and Charisma (CHR). Characters will have skills which will be influenced by one or more of these eight characteristics.

Characteristics define a character’s physical and mental abilities. These characteristics range from 2 (terrible) to 12 (amazing) with a maximum human characteristic of 15. A character with an average characteristic will have a level of 7. More on character creation on p.35.

Strength (STR)
Strength is a measure of how physically strong the character is. Strength reflects the amount of physical power that the character can bring to bear whether it involves the power of a punch or the need to lift a large object.

Dexterity (DEX)
Dexterity shows the character’s physical agility, grace, nimbleness, and the ability to perform tasks which require coordination.

Endurance (END)
Endurance shows the character’s ability to stick with a physical task or test and continue to last despite fatigue and stress.

Willpower (WIL)
Willpower reflects the character’s mental toughness. This measures how well the character can remain focused on a mental task and how well disciplined the character’s mind is.

Perception (PER)
Perception is a measure of how observant the character is and how aware the character is of his/her surroundings.

Intelligence (INT)
Intelligence reflects the character’s raw mental ability and capability of deduction.

Education (EDU)
Education denotes how educated the character has become over his/her life and the collected knowledge that they have stored in their brain.

Charisma (CHR)
Charisma shows how well the character can influence, charm, or inspire other people.

While attributes represent the character’s physical and mental potential, skills show what the character can actually do. Each skill is a description of what the character is able to do in the course of the game. More on skills on p.13

Reputation Points
Reputation points reflect how well known the character is in the setting and how many people are familiar with their work. Reputation Points can also show how distinctive that a character is and represent how powerful they are within the society. More on these on p.75. All new characters begin with 0 Reputation Points.

Hero Points and Villain Points
Hero Points provide characters with a certain edge over the average people that populate the setting. Hero Points allow players to directly modify the results of rolls and even alter the environment around them for game purposes. Spending Hero Points can turn serious wounds into mere scratches, failed flying rolls into survivable landings, and allow the character to make a shot which should be impossible. More on these on p.76. All characters receive three Hero Points upon entering the game.
Villains also get Villain Points which work exactly the same as Hero Points.
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Are you in need of a new starship? Do you need a new ride? Are you tired of the same old starship?

Well, my friend, I have a deal for you! Come on down to Crazy John's Starships where we have deals, deals, deals!

All of Gypsy Knights Games' starship related PDFs are 35% off from RIGHT NOW until October 9, 2018! Books such as our Ships of Clement Sector series, the Wendy's Guides, and The Anderson & Felix Guide to Naval Architecture (our starship design book)!

So act now! Don't miss it!

Here's one of the many books currently on sale!
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Coming soon.

Cover by Stephanie McAlea.
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Now available at DTRPG and RPGNow!

Hell's Paradise is a adventure involving a CCA (Cascadia Colonization Authority) team being sent on a rescue mission to an unexplored world in the Dawn Subsector of Tranquility Sector. Written originally for our Mongoose Traveller version by George Ebersole, GKG is now bringing the adventure back in a second edition geared toward the CE/Clement Sector: The Rules version of Clement Sector.

TXE-605b, known to some as Calliope, is an untapped planet whose barren surface but breathable atmosphere and abundance of water promises to be an excellent candidate world for colonization. The Nordic Exploratory Service sent an expedition to the TXE-605 system to expand humanity's knowledge of this world. Now their vessel, NESS Arn, has not returned on schedule. The crew of the CCAS Clara Barton, a Cascadia Colonization Authority search and rescue ship, has now been tasked with finding out why the Arn has not come back from TXE-605b. Have they been attacked by pirates? Have they suffered a malfunction? Or is it something far more sinister?

Hell's Paradise is an exciting adventure filled with danger and intrigue. It comes with nine pre-generated characters, the stats and deckplans for Clara Barton, a Trailblazer-class ship used by the CCA. In addition, it also features maps of TXE-605b and the overall TXE-605 system as well as deckplans for the NESS Arn.

Although Hell's Paradise can be modified for use in any science fiction setting, it is made with our Clement Sector setting in mind. It will be helpful for the Referee to be familiar with the Clement Sector Core Setting Book and Unmerciful Frontier: The CCA Sourcebook to get the best use of this product.
Hell's Paradise
Hell's Paradise
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Hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying your weekend. I thought I would drop in a bit of news concerning Gypsy Knights Games.

1> Don't forget that all of our books concerning character generation, careers, and character building are on sale until this Tuesday (Sept 4). You can head over to DTRPG or RPGNow and get 30% off those books.

2> Hell's Paradise, our horror/exploration adventure, will be available for purchase in PDF form on September 7. This is an adventure that was originally written for our Mongoose Traveller version of Clement Sector and has been run at conventions all over the Eastern portion of the US since then. This new version for the CS:R/CE version of the game has been informed by all of those games.

3> We have a new game coming along soon that will be a bit of change from our usual fare. It's called "Action Movie Physics" and, hopefully, you'll see this in mid to late October (perhaps a little later). It is an adventure game designed to allow you to play in the "Action Movie" style. There will be more on this later.

4> The GKG Road Show will be heading to TravellerCon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for October 5-6. I'll be running a Clement Sector game there and we'll have two tables full of books for sale. If you need more info on TravellerCon, you can find it here:

5> On October 27, as part of Epikos Midtown's (Chattanooga, TN) Halloween festivities, I will be running Hell's Paradise. The exact time has not yet been decided. More on this as the time draws near.

6> On November 2-3, I will be at Post-Apocalypticon in Cleveland, TN. This is a great games day put on by the fine folks at Dicehead Games. I'll be running two games there. If you'd like more information about Post-Apocalypticon, you can find it here:

7> On November 10, the GKG Road Show will be back at Epikos Midtown to run a game as part of their 48 Hours of Gaming. An exact time for this game is not known but we will have more information as the time grows near.

That's our news for this week. I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend (especially those in the States who will also have a holiday tomorrow).
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One of the key elements of any Clement Sector character is their career. So in honor of Labor Day weekend, all of our Clement Sector products at DTRPG and RPGNow featuring careers or character building elements are 30% from right now until Tuesday (Sept 4).

Have a great weekend!
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Halloween is approaching soon. You're going to need something particularly scary for your players if you do any gaming near the holiday.

Well, GKG has the answer. On September 7, we will be releasing Hell's Paradise.

Hell's Paradise is a adventure involving a CCA (Cascadia Colonization Authority) team being sent on a rescue mission to an unexplored world in the Dawn Subsector of Tranquility Sector. Written originally for our Mongoose Traveller version by George Ebersole, GKG is now bringing the adventure back in a second edition geared toward the CE/Clement Sector: The Rules version of Clement Sector.

This adventure has been run by me for players at many conventions across the eastern United States and this new version of the scenario has been informed by the actions of those players.

Hell's Paradise. Coming on September 7. Just in time for you to get it ready and spring it on your players for Halloween.

Art seen here by Bradley Warnes. Cover layout by Stephanie McAlea.
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Now available at DTRPG and RPGNow!

Along with James Lancaster’s ubiquitous Atlas-class freighter design, the Hercules-class heavy freighter is considered to be a second generation gravitic drive design with the first generation being simple conversions of existing reaction drive vessels without internal gravity fields and inertial compensators. Designed from onset to be a pure gravitic drive design, the Hercules completed its first round of trials at the same time the Atlas-class was entering commercial service with Lancaster Shipping.

The Hercules is a huge freighter, as big as a navy cruiser and bigger by far than every other interstellar capable commercial vessel. With over half the ship dedicated to cargo carrying capacity, the class is a “must own” for mercantile companies regardless of their fleet size. Now having been in service for over a century it is still an attractive option as a used purchase for more successful ship owners looking to increase profits on a lucrative cargo run.

Within these pages, you will find the standard Hercules as well as these popular variants:

Tanker - Used by mining corporations, shipping corporations, and other private fleets as a refueling vessel.

Transport - Used by some governments as a troop transport, the Hercules can transport a light battalion into battle.

Hercules-class Heavy Freighter comes complete with beautiful views of the ship. The Hercules is presented with full deckplans and statistics to make your use of our product simple, easy, and fun. Though designed specifically with our Clement Sector setting in mind, the Hercules will be at home in any science fiction setting.

Climb aboard! Adventure awaits!
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Now available on DTRPG and RPGNow!

Brave the frontier!

The Cascadia Colonization Authority is an agency of the Cascadian government which is in charge of exploring the untamed frontier in Tranquility Sector. This sourcebook will detail the agency, their people, and their mission.

In addition, this book will include an expanded star system generation method which can be used for creating star systems or providing the backbone to an exploration campaign in Clement Sector, Tranquility Sector, and beyond. This system generator can be used for Clement Sector, Cepheus Engine, or any other 2d6 SF game.

It also serves as a sourcebook for the Tranquility Sector showing all of the subsectors within that sector.
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Hi folks!

I will be appearing at Epikos Midtown in Chattanooga, TN on Free RPG Day! I'll be running a Clement Sector game, selling and giving away Clement Sector books, and generally hanging out for the most of the day!

Free RPG Day is June 16! Mark your calendars!

If you're in the area, come by and say hello!

Epikos Midtown is the new Epkios store. It's in Brainerd Village near the Chik-Fil-A and right next door to Jackson Bakery. It's an awesome place and you should check it out!
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