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+Photography auction Fundraiser
+Nicole Burgoz
Here's my entry into the fundraiser, will print at either 8x10 or 11x14. Current bid at $30 by Fred.
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You should get a twitter and post some of your pics on there. I really like what I've seen so far :D
Sheeze Kyle, I had no idea you were still on this site. You really think people would care about what I post on that already over-filled site though?
Lol, I just checked G+ for the heck of it xD and there may not be too many people who care, but you could always try following people that you know in real life like me. I'd retweet your photos and that'd be like...20 more people...xD
Haha man if I only had time to keep up with ANOTHER one of these networks...maybe this summer?
Remind me then if you pop up on this site. :)
(shakes the auction) $20 if no one wakes up.
! Whoa now, you're outbidding yourself? :D
Money fell from the sky. It's my moral obligation to send some of it back to others! (I'm normally rather unable to spare much.)
Oí there +Fred Brown, so do you want this in 8x10 or 11x14, now that the auction is closed?
Sounds good. Want it signed on front or back?
Front would be great. Won't ever get seen if its on the back, once its up somewhere.
The Fundraiser auction is now closed. I will contact the winners with details in the coming hours.
Thank you everyone!
Oí there +Fred Brown, not sure if you got my e-mail, but the picture is on its way! Printing shop had to print it a 10x13 instead of 11x14, hope that doesn't hurt your feelings. :)
Think I did get the message, can't recall if I answered, no worries, I will work on finding an appropos fitting for it when it arrives. Thanks for the heads up.
Picture arrived safe and sound, there was a small rip in the side of the envelope half way down, but fortunately it wasn't anywhere near the picture itself. Now just need a chance to go buy frames.
Great! Happy to know at least the picture made the cross country trek!
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