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Andrew Dominic Pe
Crazy. Hyper. Fun. Impulsive. Adaptive. Secretly Deep. God-loving. Spiritual Warrior. Like a boss.
Crazy. Hyper. Fun. Impulsive. Adaptive. Secretly Deep. God-loving. Spiritual Warrior. Like a boss.

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6 ways to love in the New Year!
1. Spend time with others. Cherish the moments you have with them. 2. Enjoy the world. Learn to have fun in competition. Respect others around you. 3. Get a little crazy. Enjoy what you can. Surround yourself in things you love. 4. Be passionate. Be sensual...

Harro, mommy :P

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Earth Day is coming up next Tuesday, April 22. To celebrate, Google+ and +TIME invite you to share your best photos of Earth.

Take a picture of your part of the planet, and share it on Google+ with the
hashtag #MyBeautifulEarth. Check back on Earth Day, when +TIME will
feature some of their favorite photos you shared:

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This also applies to #mousehunt
Does that look familiar?
More awesome comics at #funny #panda

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Love is Real. (Part 1 of 4)
'Love is patient. Love is kind.' This day and age, everyone wants to throw their own
definition of love. Join me as I throw my own in the mix in this four part
series. :D Love is abstract. Abstracts are merely thoughts and
ideas; they are none objects that ...

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No Resolve for the New Year
I know it’s late for New Years,
but I’m coming into a “New Year” of my life :P (And Chinese New Year is still
coming up). But I’d like to share with you my thoughts about New Year’s Resolutions . I orginally
wrote this on January 7, 2014. Enjoy! :D If you'd...

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Ho ho ho... Both amusing and disturbing :P

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Come to the AD/HD SOCIETY OF THE PHILIPPINES Christmas Party and Bazaar this Saturday, December 14, 2013!

Bazaar opens at 9am at the ADHD Society office, ADMU and the party is from 1pm-4pm at the Walter Hogan Hall, ADMU.

For inquiries, please call Ms. Joy Romero at 927-3463 or 0918-9079159.

See you!

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A Bit of Inspiration
Looking back at my previous posts, I realized that my blogging restart is happening
about a year after I first began it. I've given myself time to read all of my previous
posts again, and I kind of wonder why I stopped blogging. Then again, the only
reason ...
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