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H. A. Somerled
Budding Author based in Missoula, Montana
Budding Author based in Missoula, Montana

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For the kiddies!
Greetings, For a little of Shock and Awe, I have written (or my dog, Fritter has written) a story for the little ankle biters known as kids. It is an adventure story involving my dog, Fritter, from her military training at PUP Camp, to her assignment as a S...

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Resurrecting the Old
On Memorial Day Weekend, I went to Fort Benton with my older sister. A tradition we started last year was to have a sister weekend and travel to an interesting place. (Next year my younger sister and mother will be able to join us.)  Last year we went to Bo...

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Hands in the dirt, butt in the air.
Ode to the Farmer Tan. (Sing to the tune of Spiderman by The Ramones) Farmer Tan, Farmer Tan. Are you a farmer? Yes, I am. You can tell by my Farmer Tan. White up top, brown on the hands. It's a sight, My Farmer Tan. Okay, it's not the greatest, but I do ha...

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Who are you gonna call?
Do you believe in the afterlife? Ghosts? I do. I've been in a haunting mood, lately. Strange, I know. It is more suited for Halloween and not Easter. However, I've been researching for a new book. Also I am a huge paranormal reality show nut, and " Haunting...

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Spreading Holiday Joy and Germs
Hello everyone! Sorry for the long absence from the blog. I assure you I've felt just awful about it. I've been entertaining family from far flung reaches of the earth. I am not used to children in my living space (currently, one is sticking plastic ants an...

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So I've joined this crazy movement called NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month) I heard about it last year, but it was a bit late to join. So this year, I saw a few of my friends sign up and thought, "Hey, it seems like a great motivator. I've got a sli...

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Musical Inspiration (SinC-Up Blog Hop)
Music is the ultimate of inspirations. People listen to music to get pumped up while on the treadmill at the gym, to unwind after a stressful day, to get into the (wink wink) mood. I am always listening to music while I write. I tend to go for some dark, ye...

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Sweet Romance? Seriously?
Hey, If you know me, and I think you do by now, you know that I write mostly in a more macabre genre. So, it may surprise you that I am going to be in a sweet romance anthology. Yup. Sweet. Romance. Me. I am in a critique group with some award winning autho...

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Welcome Fall
You may hate me for this, but I'm happy it is finally fall. I love the cooler weather, the change of seasons, the brisk smell in the air, the screaming from the living room as I try to write... I say this every year. Anyhoo, I wanted to update you all on wh...

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Up and Coming!
Hey everyone. I must have hit the right blog because now I have all these likes and followers.  I feel so blessed and loved. Thank you all. I want to keep the love going.  Today, I am doing my first interview with Barry Eva  and his podcast Book and a Chat ...
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