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Happy Labour Day!!! :D
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sarah aap kaha se ho.....
English Please ! :D
which city you are from?
Emm! Am From Morocco, And u?
Great :) Nice To Know You .
my current city is agra where the taj mahal situated.
Aww , I Would Like To Viste Taj Mahal :D
oh great .....when youcr coming?
Haha, Not Now Of Course , But I will :)
o.k. are you on facebook?
i Deactivated my account
did u see film AVENGER.
yes its reliesed in india last friday and there is six super heros in this film.
Aha , Thats Good :)
which type of films u like to see....
Romance, Action ,Comedy,fantasy, and u?
i like action and comedy films.
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