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Marbled Skull Canvas Art DIY
Haven't blogged for awhile, oh well! Not going to get into it.  Halloween is my favorite holiday. And though I set the boundary for decorating and wait until the 1st of October, that doesn't mean I can't prepare. I found this felt decoration at the dollar t...

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Gram Dump: Feb 2015
      I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like this year is going by in a blur. It's only halfway through March but I feel like so much has happened this year!         I'm still so proud of Sparrow for being such a champ during our move and she really s...

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Keychain Redo
      Sometimes those little details in daily life really get forgotten about. It might not be super important, but it can be nice to take a moment to address them. In this case it was my keys. Though they have been added too throughout the past few years, ...

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Easy DIY: Swear Jar
       Sometimes you just gotta slap something together and call it a day. I still don't really have a work space at the moment, but I hate to be unproductive on my days off. I've also been so uninspired lately as well. I went thru some of my old bookmarks ...

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Catching Up
      One of the biggest excuses for not blogging is "I'm too busy!" And that is my exact reason I've done nothing in over a whole month.  Since we're moving, I haven't had a chance for any creative outlet. I am always snapping photos though so here's a dum...

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DIY Tripod Christmas Tree
      Today I noticed it was already the 3rd of December and after dealing with the inevitability of time constantly passing I thought to myself "should I do a tree this year or not?'       Last year I bought a sad 2 foot tall, pre-lit tinsel tree at a doll...

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Hectic Holly Days
      I had the most eventful whirlwind of a holiday weekend. Between having a snow day before Thanksgiving, to going home, back to work, back home for a baby shower, to a xmas gift show, and back to work again, I'm certainly glad to have a chance to sit an...

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Sleepy Little Drawing
Just a little something I drew to get out my intense feelings I had for my bed this morning...

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How to Frame Odd Things
      Have some cool things you'd like to get up and on display?  But not everything is flat and angular amiright?       Here are 2 things I've had lying around that I really love, but didn't have a way to showcase other than sitting them awkwardly on a she...

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Marimo 101: Easiest Pet Ever
I always daydream about having a little aquarium, and having lots of cute little fishes swimming around, happy and healthy, all thanks to me. But that's why it's a daydream, I would be a horrible fish owner who constantly forgets to feed/clean/ do the basic...
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