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Teacher. Tech Lover. Curious.


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Option 1 #cserTask5

I used this video to teach the concept of staying safe online to my year 4 students. We watched the video and talked about each of the characters actions online and why they are so important. We then chose a few stanzas of the song to visualise (the comprehension strategy we were learning) and illustrate. We made these into posters to hang around our classroom.

There are some great resources to go along with this video and the links can be found in the description.

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Option 1: #cserTask4

Could we 'upload' and/or 'back up' our brains to a computer?

Prompted by this video

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Option 3. #cserTask3

I am putting together some YouTube playlists!

Trying as much as possible to have these videos with a primary audience in mind (to be used in flipped lessons) please let me know if you have any favourites to add!


Being a Redditor, I quite like the fact that Reddit is just a huge collection of community member posts. The following subreddits are my favourites for data. Most of them require submissions to directly link to the original source.

While I do not recommend educators pointing their students directly to Reddit itself, it is a great starting point to find resources.
A place for visual representations of data: Graphs, charts, maps, etc.
Collections of infographics
A place to request data visualisations: Graphs, charts, maps, etc.

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#cserTask1 #socialmedia #facebook #depression #mentalhealth

Researchers have developed a program which can identify mothers suffering from post-natal depression based on their Facebook statuses.

I find this interesting and useful because it is digital technology being used to identify what is known as a very taboo and serious subject, through a very widely used and known platform. Most new mothers, let alone people do not even recognise that they may have a mental illness and sadly in many cases it is identified when it is too late.

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Added photos to EdTechTeam Melbourne Summit.
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Hi! I'm Kim, a year 6 teacher from Sydney, Australia.
I too am a Google Certified Innovator and attended the GTA in Sydney last year. I am very excited for the Moonshot Summit. Still struggling to get a photo of the moon though!!

Hi everyone! Year 6 teacher from Sydney Australia here. Looking forward to learning with you.

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I'm so excited for this!! #moonshotsummit
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Thank you so much +John Bailey or +John Bailey (don't know which one to tag) for this mornings Hangout. Our kids loved it and now won't stop talking about you. You're pretty cool.
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