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So, are you looking for some space opera with actual people interacting by means other than ray guns?

Would you be interested in #autistic representation and #ownvoices?

Do you enjoy stories of first contact with alien species, diplomacy, betrayal, strong friendships, space ships and actually really important ray guns?

Then this is a book you'll want to read. Further details may be found linked, from the author's own hand.

It is available for pre-order right now at, and will release on Valentine's Day, Tuesday the 14th of February.

(Cover not final.)

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Zoe Quinn responds to the garbage “I’m A Liberal, And I Want Milo Yiannopolis On Campus” article.

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Content warnings for nazi bullshit, but this is a tale worth reading precisely because humanity beats nazi bullshit.
We can be the seed crystals to help the reaction happen faster.

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h/t +Nate Behary
The people in the Middle East are watching. To anyone who says protests and dissent don't have an effect, they do:

"This is from an American friend of mine working with the UN in Iraq."

It’s great that you’re speaking out against Nazis, but if I catch you using ableist slurs to do so, I’m gonna consider you part of the trash heap.

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Weapons grade cute via my wife's Pinterest browsing. This may cause cavities.

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For those who enjoy fuzzy animals, here's a little video of Mango, our hamster. He's too smart to leave unsupervised in his pen, and too agile to boot. But we love him, the fuzzy little mastermind parkourist... 
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