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Press Release:
Historic Dungeons & Dragons® Campaign Returns

Loxley, Madison, WI, August 11, 2017

Legendary game designer Frank Mentzer, famed for his worldwide version of the Dungeons & Dragons® game, has teamed with fiction author Ted Fauster to revisit one of the earliest known D&D® fantasy worlds. The game continues to be one of the most popular of all time, and Mentzer’s version is still available in fourteen languages, on every continent.

In 1981, Mentzer was given written permission from E. Gary Gygax (co-author of the original game in 1974) to establish and develop this little-known portion of Oerth, one of the game’s original settings. This new realm of Empyrea has a 40-year history (starting with simple materials from Judges Guild) and is still actively used. The artist Darlene, who painted Gary’s maps in his 1980 product, will create similar maps for this one. Other famous artists of that era -- including Caldwell, Dee, Diesel, Easley, Elmore, Holloway, Jaquays, and Otus -- are being invited to join the project.

Empyrea is on the mysterious and isolated continent of Aquaria, east of Gygax’s World of Greyhawk™ setting. Until now, knowledge of this portion of the world has remained largely a mystery, as the broad and dangerous Solnor ocean separates the two. The continent is briefly described in the Advanced D&D® adventure “Egg of the Phoenix” (Mentzer & Jaquays, TSR Inc., 1987).

“It’s time to share this Dungeons & Dragons® world with hobby gamers,” Mentzer says. “Unlike others, Gary approved this personally. Empyrea combines both traditional fantasy and science fiction elements. Magic is dominant, but technology lurks. And it’s one Realm… this isn’t a cluster of medieval city-states like Greyhawk.”

Author Ted Fauster has accepted the role of Creative Aide, which was Mentzer’s original title when he worked with Gygax at TSR in the 1980s.

Mentzer and Darlene will finance the set through crowdfunding, with support from Judges Guild. It will be compatible with the most recent Fifth Edition D&D® game (D&D 5E) as well as Mentzer’s own world-famous "Red Box" edition of the game.

An official start date for the Kickstarter will be announced shortly after the GenCon® 50 Game Convention in August.

For More Information, contact:
Loxley LLC
Fauster :
(Ownership of trademarks indicated is not disputed)

Hello. I'm looking to get in as a regular player or just a few games of 1e. Eventually I'd like to DM some games myself but need to get a real-feel of it (outside of the books).

Played as a kid, got the books off eBay again, and would like to play!

Looking to join an AD&D game as a new-to-the-edition player :)

Is this the best G+ community to LFG for AD&D 1e via online Hangouts? I'm looking to join an AD&D 1e game as a 1e newbie (not new to ttrpgs) and I love OSR.

Any help is appreciated! Trying to find a game as a player is difficult.

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Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell those damn dirty apes!

Apes Victorious is the Deal of the Day on DriveThruRPG!

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holy smokes, what a deal and glad that level of content that has been continously validated over decades is available for purchase for a few mere bucks!

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Robert E Howard, In remembrance for a lifetime of inspiration
Rambling Conan Blog, pt.91

This coming Sunday, June 11th, is the 81st anniversary of Robert E Howard’s death. For whatever reason, and despite guesses and theories nobody really knows that reason for certain, Robert E Howard went out to the car that day and put a gun to his head. He was 30 years old. Many words have already been written about Howard, his life, and his death, so I’m going to write about my life instead and how he inspired it.

In 1982, when I first discovered Howard’s character Conan the Barbarian, through comics and then through Howard’s stories, I was just entering High School and was a pretty miserable, eccentric, and outcast nerd. Being a nerd or different was not at all cool back then like it is now. I didn’t fit into my small town school at all, and I paid the price for that. I take in and learn things well, and I never had to study to get good grades. School was like a boring prison where I was tormented daily for being different. On top of everything else, I had obsessive compulsive disorder and major anxiety problems, two things not understood at all in early 80’s small town schools.

Something just clicked when I read Conan. It struck a spark like nothing ever had before, lighting up the darkness. During those last years of school, I began working out, something I still do to this day. I grew my hair to the appropriate barbarian shoulder length. I went to the local mall and bought a sword. I couldn’t afford one of the real steel swords they sold at “Cutlery World” so I bought a wooden practice katana for $8. That wooden sword and I have had worlds of adventure together, and I still own it today. By the time High School was finished I was still very eccentric, but I wasn’t a tormented outsider. Instead, I embraced being the outsider. That is, after all, what made Conan so cool. I’d mostly conquered my OCD because Conan certainly wasn’t weak willed. (I still deal with anxiety to this day, because it took me a lot longer to understand exactly what it was.) I was emulating Conan, but in a weird way I was finally able to truly be myself without society telling me who I should be and how I should act. Robert E Howard, through his character of Conan, had truly saved my life.

I’m almost 50 now, and Conan has always been there. Every single aspect of my life is steeped in and filtered through those stories. I quite literally would not be here without them. I’ve been through some dark times and dark moods, loneliness, homelessness, and I’ve seriously contemplated suicide several times. Every time Conan was there, fighting for survival, pressing on.

During one of those low times, when I was busy determining the way in which I would end my own life, I met my wife via World of Warcraft. She lived in New Zealand at the time, and I in the US. If you have never known anyone who immigrated, it’s not an easy process by any means. Looking at that immigration road it seemed like a dream instead of a possible reality. However, I pressed on. It was Atali, the Frost Giant’s Daughter, and no matter how far that speck was on the snow covered horizon we pressed on, single-minded and iron willed. One of my favorite memories of that time is reading, over Skype, the Frost Giant’s Daughter to my wife-to-be as we each lay on separate beds an entire world apart. In the end we too caught Atali, but rather than a wisp of gossamer we came away with a green card and a marriage certificate.

This post sure sounds a lot like it’s all about me, but I hope it’s more about how Robert E Howard may have tragically ended his own life but saved mine several times. If he truly ended his life out of dark despair, I wish he could have had an inspiration that gave him hope and strength like he has given to me, as well as a meaning, such a deep meaning to life as I have found in his most famous character.

In Robert E Howard’s wallet was found a folded piece of paper with this poem:
“All fled, all done
So lift me on the pyre.
The feast is over
And the lamps expire.”

The lamps may have expired for Robert E Howard, but that pyre still burns very brightly.

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Finally got a paper copy of the core rules, and the 3rd printing art made me want to get it. Wow, it is beautiful! Great job all that worked on it; it is truly a piece of art in drawings, layout, and words.
insert slowpoke meme

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Must read
If you missed it yesterday From the Shroud Issue One has been released as a pdf via and as a limited edition print (only 23 copies in total) via the D101 Games Store ( . 38 pages of articles and and adventure for your Crypts and Things and other OSR games :)

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If you missed it yesterday From the Shroud Issue One has been released as a pdf via and as a limited edition print (only 23 copies in total) via the D101 Games Store ( . 38 pages of articles and and adventure for your Crypts and Things and other OSR games :)
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