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Your source for custom sleeved cables and accessories!
Starting with the belief that CUSTOM sleeved cables can be just too damn expensive ($55 for a 24pin extension) , I started Ensourced Custom Sleeved Cables.  I based my idea on one thing, bringing my CUSTOM sleeved cables to a price that a few more people could afford.

But what is my CUSTOM?

My CUSTOM is high quality.  I hand pick every part that goes into every cable that I make.  From genuine Molex connectors to better 16 gauge wire.  I make sure everything that ships represents the my brand.

My CUSTOM is hand made.  I personally make every wire of every cable that gets shipped.  No unsatisfied workers (except my wife) or machines.  I know how much your build means to you and I take that very seriously.

My CUSTOM is almost limitless.  Because everything is scratch made I have no reason to charge extra for a custom length or extra colors.  Create your own patterned cable using as many of my available colors as you want.  Don’t settle for only Red and Black if that’s not what you want.  Bring your idea into reality.

My CUSTOM is personal.  I do my best to answer as many questions and requests as I can.  Anything from pattern mock up photos to general questions, I try to make myself available.  I am only one guy though, so if it takes longer than 24 hours don’t hate me.

My CUSTOM does have some costs.

My CUSTOM will cost more than mass manufactured cables.  Although I charge less for my time that other high quality sleeved cable makers, it is still valuable to me.

My CUSTOM will take some time to make.  For extensions I ask for five full business days to make and ship your order.  For OEM modular cables I ask for six full business days to make and ship your order.  Could it be done sooner?  It could, and a lot of the time it is, but I don’t like to feel rushed.

Now that you’ve read about my CUSTOM, you can make the decision for yourself.

Here’s to making your CUSTOM better with Ensourced CUSTOM!

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I'll be accepting modular cable orders for 24 hours starting at 10pm Central Time tonight. I wish I could take orders all the time but my hands can only work so fast. I appreciate all the awesome things I've heard lately and I greatly appreciate everyone's patience!

Thanks again!
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Today and tomorrow is the LAST modular cable order period until after we move, get'em while you can!!!
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Black|Kelly Green|Neon Green modular cables.
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I can now accept Bitcoin on!
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That's good to hear! 
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Appreciate Brian taking the time to give my cables a proper review!
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+Ensourced Custom Accessories Very happy to have them in my system and let people know about your product! After I finish moving I'll definitely be looking to pick up some for my all white build.

Then there'll probably be an X99 build with the Sabertooth X99 board.
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Only 24 more hours and I'm done taking orders for up to a month! Don't be too late!!!
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Oh wow, I'm so glad I got my order in time! Will orders that get placed be fulfilled before or after the move?
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Very excited to be working with Antec.  This set is going to them for a show build based on The Avengers!  
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Newest Product Review!

Product: Custom Seasonic X Series 1250|1050 Cables 
Posted By: r.g.

These cables look absolutely amazing. The finish is perfect and easy to cable manage. The cable braces that are included help keep the cables together. The seasonic power supply has a very of indirectly wired 24 pin connector that looks messy but this helped to clean it up and looks way better then I had expected. Thank you again. 
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Black|Imperial Red|Neon Orange
w/ Black Wire Wraps
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thanks for the awesome work on my cables you made for me :) 
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