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pianist, professor, dean

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Thanks Alex Zebrowski, for inviting me to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! I now challenge Brian MacKie-Mason, Martha Pollack, and Judy Lawson: you have 24 hours.

Remember, this is to raise money to fight ALS. I gave $100 to the ALS Association: I encourage all of you to do so too, so we can make progress against this terrible disease. #icebucketchallenge

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@UMSI Victors  People using information with technology to build a better world: public sector is disinvesting - we need you to continue making best education and research accessible to all.

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To all of you out there who love archives....

WWW2014 deadline is coming soon: abstracts due Oct 1, full papers Oct 8. CFP: Please RT @WWW2014_Korea

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New +UMSI  video about our summer REU (undergrad research) program, featuring a few of this year's participants.

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Social scientists can't write...check. The argument here is that the bad style scholars adopt hurts the way they think

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Funny (and a bit embarrassing) experience: I knew that Bill Gates had referenced Gutenberg's printing press in his 1995 book, The Road Ahead.  I wanted to find the pages.  So, I went to the HathiTrust, which has scanned and OCR'd copies of about 12 million books (most from the Google Books project, plus additions from the large consortium of academic libraries).  

I found two pages with "Gutenberg".  One was...duh...the book's index.  (I had the book sitting in front of me but hadn't thought to check the index!)  

And from the index, I found two other pages that mentioned Gutenberg that that Google Books / HathiTrust search had not found.  It turns out that the relevant word on those pages was "Gutenberg's" and the HathiTrust search engine did not return those when I searched for "Gutenberg" (I verified that the OCRing was correct by searching on "Gutenberg's" and indeed those pages turned up).

+1 for the index at the back of the book :)

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A Book the Size of a Ladybug - discovered by @umsi alum @libralthinking(Colleen Theisen) in The Atlantic

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Interesting study: one (powerful) way of measuring how much extended copyright restrictions have limited access to published information.
Interesting study.  I guess this amplifies some of the discussion around orphan works and the Google Books settlement.

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