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670 Glen Cheek Dr Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
670 Glen Cheek DriveUSFloridaCape Canaveral32920
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Fishing Charter
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Today 8AM–6PM
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"It was his first time deep sea fishing and he didn't enjoy it at all!"
"ALSO the deck men went around with a tip bucket asking everyone for tips."
"The groupon included 1 hot meal (lunch) and two beers."
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Jason Wagner's profile photo
Jason Wagner
a year ago
I went yesterday (8/3) on a Sunday and it was great. My group and I caught lots of fish and had a lot of fun. The deck mates were awesome at helping us when we needed it and leaving us alone when we didn't. Great experience we will definitely be back for another round!
Lynn Hagenbuch
a year ago
How do I rate Miss Cap Canaveral - BAD!!! I went for my 3rd fishing and last trip on Miss Cape Canaveral, thinking the 3rd time's a charm, and no fish again. The captain either doesn't know how to find where the fish are or he just doesn't care. Also, Miss Cap Canaveral doesn't allow coolers with alcohol onboard, You can buy beer onboard, but the price is high. What a wasted day and money.
Tiffany Losi
a year ago
im usually not one to write a bad review, but i am very upset with my husband experience. first off i bought him the groupon for his trip, it had the same all inclusive description they have on the website. well that wasn't the case. breakfast was a $5 charge and water was $2 a bottle. the "hot meal" was a tiny burger and and a tiny bag of chips. they fail to mention the $5 surcharge for gas. one of the deck men had my brother in law throw back a keeper fish. (they now know it was a keeper bc a different deck man came up and asked them why they threw it back), my husband caught a decent size keeper fish and the deck man forgot to give him a number to identify his fish, when he asked for it when they got back the guy tried giving him the smallest fish they had. the deck men weren't very helpful. and their all around experience sucked! it was his first time deep sea fishing and he didn't enjoy it at all! ALSO the deck men went around with a tip bucket asking everyone for tips. people should be able to tip without being asked for it, its a personal choice not a mandatory requirement.
• • •
Larry Richey's profile photo
Larry Richey
a year ago
went fishing on miss cape a few weeks ago the crew was the worst of all fishing boats ive ever been on and ive been on over 20 different boats in florida as i live in orlando .fished all day 20 people on boat and no one caught anything worth saying anything about mostly sea bass in the 12 inch range[little].then when day was all over the crew on the way back to dock saw sum fish playin around sum debris in water so the capt stopped boat long enough for 1st mate (worker on boat) fished while all us people that paid to be on boat watched the crew catch a cobia (undersized) and they still were talking about how good a dinner they were goin to have tonight.I couldnt believe what i was seeing cause i no that fish was maybe 30 inches which they said was legal and ive caught cobia on other boats and know that to keep a cobia must be 34 inches to the v on tail and that was 30 to end of tail so i said to them i want to see that is a legal fish and they wouldnt let me see it and wen back at port the fish wasnt posted on board like the sea bass that everone caught this boat is terrible and crew was awful ill never be on this boat again and will tell everyone about what i saw!!!!Unbelievable, worst fishing trip ever then they had the guts to put a tip bucket in front of me i told them they should tip everyone on boat.I really think the crew is to blame so to owner watch your crew and if you are wondering why you are not filling boat look at crew worst ever
• • •
Carlos Jones
a year ago
This boat sucks very old seems like it is on its last legs. I would never risk it again. Takes to long to get to fishing site over a hour. Only small sea bass. I didn't catch anything. Another thing I booked back of the boat when I got there they put me on the side lol. They said seating is not guaranteed. Give me a break. The boat crew was to busy fishing then helping anybody. They were fishing on the back of the boat idiots. I don't think they get paid because they are very aggressive with tip jar. Good luck to you if you go on this boat hopefully it does not sink. The positive reviews sound like crew members. To the crew you are out there to help the paying customers not to fish idiots
• • •
Kelli Wells
2 years ago
This was a GREAT experience. We did other fishing trips and found the staff to be incredible! The staff was so helpful, my father is 85 and the team was wonderful. My father thought his fishing days were over and now he can't wait to go back. It has been a week and he cannot stop talking about the trip and the amazing staff. I also had my two children, 14 and 12, and the team was great to them as well. The Miss Cape Canaveral team has created a lifetime memory. I would disregard the negative comments because this is a trip you want to do. It was amazing! Only suggestion- I would bring or buy a fish rag. I just want to say thank you to the staff!
• • •
Devin Breedon's profile photo
Devin Breedon
a year ago
Bought a group special for $39 for the day. Crew was very friendly and helpful. There was a $5 surcharge for gas but I still saved money by using the groupon. I believe the regular fee was ~90$ for the day. I recommend that you bring you're own snacks, water and hand rag as they have a limited availability on the ship and charge for towels. The groupon included 1 hot meal (lunch) and two beers. Soda and water were unlimited. They also process the fish for you after the trip for ~$1 per pound which I felt was reasonable as I was on vacation and had nowhere to process them. Some of the negatives I noticed that there was a few of seasoned fisherman on the boat that had brought 4-5 of there own poles and also caught a majority of the fish. I would suggest that you pick up premium bait down the street at the bait shop if you want to catch better fish. They do allow you to bring your own tack as well. Overall my group of four pulled in about 10-15 fish, 6 of which we kept and had processed. We did spend a lot of time traveling to fishing spots but we did fish for 3 hours. So make sure you have something to do to kill time. I highly recommend this charter!
• • •
Shay Elliott's profile photo
Shay Elliott
a year ago
My fiance and I booked a night shark fishing trip on 3/8/2014. We happened to be in the area and just walked in. We have never taken any other charter trips to compare this one to. No one on the boat caught any fish; which is the case when fishing sometimes. My only surprise was the crew not being concerned for our need to catch fish. The captain did not relocate to other spots or voice any opinion about the scarcity of sharks. We still enjoyed our trip, even if there were no fish caught. We enjoyed being on the boat/ocean, we enjoyed fishing, and we enjoyed our food/beer. The crew mentioned tips a few times and we tipped them a total of $20 spread between the crew members. It was not a concern for us to tip them. The tackle, bait, food, etc. was worth well more than the initial $40 each we paid. All paying customers received half off their next fishing trip (to be used on any of the companies charter packages). A day out on the ocean with a fishing pole in my hands and the woman I love on my side can not be spoiled by the bad reviews this company has received. My overall opinion of this charter company is not a luxury experience but a true fishing experience. If you want to hang out with the gentlemen of the crew and talk about fishing while enjoying your time on the ocean then this is the charter company you should book with. I will book with them again to use my half off tickets. I will leave another review after my next trip. If I get the same experience with the lack of concern for their customers actually catching fish then obviously the deserve the poor reviews. Until next time, I guess...
• • •