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Zoe Blofeld
Lover of colour, flavour and a handmade life
Lover of colour, flavour and a handmade life


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It's time to have a catch up
Last year was a crazy year for me. I was busy from start to finish and by the end felt completely exhausted. As a result updating this blog slipped lower and lower on my list of priorities. I knew this was happening back in April  and wrote that I would be ...

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Planning for Autumn/Winter
Now I know what you're thinking, 'it's still August so Summer isn't over yet!' and I 100% agree. However when you sew most of your own clothes you have to think ahead. If I want my warm clothes to be ready for the cold weather I need to get my skates on and...

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Geometric Emery Dress
Hold the phone, stop the bus and start a newsflash! It's an Emery dress! I think I have seen more Emery dresses, or variations of, than any other pattern so this isn't really newsworthy stuff here. However I think I made the best one. At least its my person...

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Lessons from Me-Made-May 2015
Wow another Me-Made-May has come to an end, and for me this year was a roaring success. I managed to wear a handmade outfit every day for the whole month without repeating any complete outfits. This was a pretty exciting moment for me and felt like a gradua...

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A Holly Non-Jumpsuit Dress
I love this fabric! I saw it on So-Zo-What-Do-You-Know blog on a holly playsuit way bag in September. Then in January I saw a bolt end at a slightly reduced price at Fabric Godmother  and couldn't resist. Once it arrive I kept it in a drawer for a little wh...

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Me Made May 2015
So it's that time of year when sewing bloggers and home sewists the world over put their handmade wardrobes to the test. If you haven't heard of Me-Made-May before then check out this post here on the So Zo blog for more inf o. Last year I tried to wear one...

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Denim Skirts and Blogging Habits
Hey everyone. It's been a little while between posts recently around here and that has kind of taken me by surprise. Blogging used to be one of my favourite things about DIY projects, I could wait to finish it so I could get it up on the blog. I am taking a...

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Sewing Plans and Stash Busting
Over the last few weeks I've been having a sort through all my fabric. I rediscovered quite a few pieces that I bought over the last couple of years but never got round to using. I also found several pieces of half used fabric which I intended to use up but...

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Two-Tone Denim For A Lovely Laurel
Is it ok that my 18 month old niece was my style inspiration for this dress? Well, whatever, that's who it was ok? She has a super cute tunic, with the two tone denim and raglan sleeves. It's lovely. I figured I could pull off a grown-up version especially ...

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Charlotte Skirt (and a Crop Top)
In case you didn't notice when I posted about my spring floral dress , I am already thinking ahead to spring and summer. Us sewing girls have to think ahead and make items well in advance of the season in which we plan to wear them if we want to finish them...
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