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16th July- A Special Day!
i.e. 16 th of July, I share a beautiful tale of a colorful and happy
soul I have known for the past few years. Here is to you Miss Tshering Yangki ,
who is completing 23 years of sparkling reign in the hearts of her lovely family
and almost four years...

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Fun time with Kids
Today towards the evening I spent some quality time with my two naughty nephews:Tandin Dorji, eight years old and my brother's elder son and Minjur, one plus year old and my sister's son. Since Minjur was having infection, and was on an antibiotics course, ...

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An Evening to Remember!
It was 9.20 pm when I climbed the staircase to my apartment after a really tiring evening shift from hospital. My one-year old nephew welcomed me with an enthralling smile which almost closed both his eyes upon seeing me enter in. Though tired, I replied ba...

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Meeting Princess Mako
She walked majestically with careful and soft steps. Her sparkling eyes were the blooming petals of spring flowers. And her humbleness touched down on every individual she met. Her smile simply made us feel happy with no reasons. I was very fortunate to hav...

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Unheard Roar
Known by
the scientific name Panthera tigris , tigers are the biggest cats which is both admired
and feared by the world. Well! Why won’t we admire such a majestic creature? That look with pride They are
the national animal of India, Bangladesh, Malaysia an...

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Those funny days
In the
year 2012, we were crowned in our school for being the senior most as we were
at the peak of our high school. We enjoyed putting on that serthra gho and kira to school every day. Our class teacher, Ms Sumitra with glasses used to start
our day with a...

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Delhi...Here I am back
Now I have the right to say that I am a graduate
because the degree certificate has been handed over to me. I went back to my
University on 3 rd February 2017 with my best friend Tshering Yangki for the one last time.  It was more than seven months that I h...

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Thank God! it's just a...
An unknown
lady stood by my side, looking straight into my eyes. She then stepped back as
she noticed the immense fear filled in my eyes.  We don’t speak a word but so many scary
conversations were exchanged within seconds. We both were aware that we have

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The Monkey and Me
As I was watching the epic scene of the fight
between Akshay Kumar and the monkey
in the Bollywood movie Housefull , I remembered an incident that
happened few years back with me. Though I was born in eastern Bhutan , I grew up in western Bhutan , Paro and ...

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A year for MINJUR
My tiny little hero, Minjur is one year today. This little life born from my dearest
sister completed all the four seasons of 366 days this year. It was at this time last year that so many of us
waited for his delivery with lots of anticipation and to be fr...
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