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Make a real sound always around your sides.
Make a real sound always around your sides.

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As summer is coming, once-a-year Relacart relaxation tour starts. This time the destination is Zhuhai Mystery Island Theme Park. It locates in the west of Haiquan Bay Resort, which is the combination of a variety of exciting high-tech entertainment equipments and Meditteranean style architectures. It is a large scale theme park that mixes experience, entertainment and fun together, which is the first choice for the workers to relax. 



 (Group picture)

Zhuhai Mystery Island Theme Park is famous for its roller coaster, vertical roller coaster, E-shape war chariot and the crazy escape boat, which ranks the first in Asia. After lunch, the bold staff were unable to hold themselves back and ran to experience the adventure. They shout and screamed. Different people had different feeling when experiencing the adventure. But the common feeling was exciting and scared. Some staff liked to experience other kinds of activity: artificial beach, haunted house and classical rotating horse, etc. Everyone tried to release themselves at the most by the way they preferred.


As the sun set, our risky, exciting and fantastic tour came to an end. We got a mood of natural and optimistic after the experience. In the tour of our life, we should face the difficulties with a bold and risky sprit as our risky tour.

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The UNIFY MP168U Wireless Microphone System is a professional and commercial grade UHF system. It supports up to 250 individual channels to be used simultaneously (multiple receivers required). This is perfect for any situation where multiple microphones are required. This system provides the quality and durability required in venues such as a KTV room, karaoke bar, restaurant, or auditorium. Provisions for rack mounting are built-in for convenience. Click for details!
UNIFY MP168U UHF Professional Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone
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2013 Pro Sound & Light Guangzhou Show Review

The 11th China International Pro sound + Light Guangzhou was held in China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex(Guangzhou) on Mar9-12, 2013. Co-sponsored the exhibition by the Frankfurt exhibition and Guangzhou international science and technology trade exhibition company, the exhibition area reached 90000 square meters, the number of exhibitors was total 1085, which is the largest and most influential professional audio lighting exhibition in Southern China region.

Relacart as the leader of wireless audio products, attended this show with variety of latest products. Its booth occupied 180 m2 facing the front door of Hall 1.1. Its decoration style is simple and elegant. There was a “Wireless Futurt” sketch on the wall, showing the environment change that wireless microphone encounter and the technology innovation process. It also indicated that Relacart products are always in the forefront of technology and lead the peer technology revolution. Every change is the beginning of a new era. 

Our products were divided into conference series area, entertainment series area, performance series area and latest products area. The products on shown was included the king of entertainment ER-3600 dual channel wireless microphone, excellent sound ER-3300 dual channel wireless microphone, perfect performance HR-30S true diversity single channel wireless microphone. For conference series, there is intelligent flexible WAM-400 wireless mixer, the first choice of projects WDC-900 digital wireless conference system, easy controlled CS-101 discussion conference system. For the new products, we have HDR-8Q digital wireless microphone, which is the first digital model in China, HR-32S true diversity single channel microphone, UR-260D true diversity dual channel wireless microphone, UR-222S true diversity single channel wireless microphone, SS-2U shinning star dual channel wireless microphone, DAM-800 digital automatic mixer. For the HDR-8Q, it attracted the eyes of many visitors. This digital microphone is the first full digital transmission microphone in China, with high quality DSP digital technology providing the flexibility for receiver. And its flexible antenna mode (antenna diversity, space diversity, frequency diversity), even in today’s environment that the RF is so crowded, it can still work fast and reliable. Four independent wireless receiving channels, can receive 4 transmitters simultaneous. Intelligent dynamic noise-reduction technology”SDNR”, which can improve the dynamic range and S/N. It also has built-in MagicEQ, FBK and AFS function. Attaching with the software RWW2.0, it can be also controlled by connecting to a PC or Mac.

The four-day exhibition successfully concluded, but the progressive step of Relacart won’t stop for the ending of the exhibition. In the future, Relacart will go tight with the pace of times and show you more new products
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