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Carmen Mandich

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Fat Olives
Ping +Coach G Moore

Olives waiting for the first freeze in order to lose some of their water while retaining their golden oil.

#oursanguincarmen #OliveOil #Extremadura #Spain #España #agriculture

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B&W Project 2018
26/26: Reflection / Best of 2018
Date of Posting: Friday 28th of December

The reflection of people reflecting on a thought provoking photographic exhibition! This is by far my favorite reflection image of 2018 and I do love reflections.
This post completes my third year with +The B&W Project on G+, not having missed a post in three years. You were the first photographic group I joined and I am determined to continue with this amazing group of inspirational photographers. Although there will be a learning curve for me to post on different social media platforms, I have always enjoyed learning so look for me on Instagram, Flickr and MeWe:

This is not goodbye! It's see you at a different meeting place!

For +The B&W Project with curators +Maayan Windmuller, +Pat Kight, +Art through the Aperture Photography and +Stuart Vivian

+Lauri Novak
+Thomas Deckert
+Gernot Glaeser
+Martin Kling
+Angela Migliore
+Tom Tran
+Julie Brocca
+Jenn Cameron
+Christine Bichler
+Joanna Koziara
+Yvette van Teeffelen
+Wade Brooks
+StPaul Herrmann
+John Dusseault
+Devyani Sen
+Berit Schurse
+Piotr Edelman
+Janusz Bednarski
+Andrew Endean
+Steffan Correll
+Jane Levine
+Carmen Mandich
+Glen Schlueter
+Pat Kight
+karin e
+Alen Ianni
+Françoise Dhulesia
+Suzie Smith
+Roger Chessell
+Constantinos Catsoulis
+Michael Griffin
+Sandra Nesbit
+Al Chris
+Brian Christian

#bwproject2018 #bwproject2018_26of26

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Great Bustard (Otis Tarda) taking flight

Portugal and Spain now have about 60% of the world's population. It is classified by the IUCN as "vulnerable".

#oursanguincarmen #Extremadura #Spain #Avutarda #Birds #HappierPlace

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Today's theme is: Bicycles!
#joinindaily hosted by +Johnny Wills

Flowery Bike

#oursanguincarmen #decoration

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Today's theme is: There's Gold In That There Photograph!
#joinindaily hosted by +Johnny Wills


#oursanguincarmen #ElEscorial #Madrid #Spain #sculptures
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