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Josiah Schickler (Joda)

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Galaxy S6 gold. 
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Josiah Schickler (Joda)

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Josiah Schickler (Joda)

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Mind = Blown!
Who woulda' thunk that Solo & Vader were in cahoots!
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Made up a little Google Drive Spread sheet for the treaty portals in Washington enabled s sharing via link so if anyone asks witch ones while coming into town it'll be easier to explain
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Wayne P
Very nice and will make it much easier to explain. Thanks.
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These 3 portals have rare heatsyncs (hackable every 2 minutes) and common multihacks on them at lions if your out and hacking. Nice little place to sit and hack for a while. :).,-91.03128&z=17&pll=38.56402,-91.03128

One of the 3 Portals
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Ya I actually moved them because I have the 2 rare heat syncs and the 2 vr heat syncs and normal 5 so they don't all fit.. But with a note 3 I have the screen relistate to put them wherever I want and it basically be OK. When I had my moto x had to keep it there
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Have him in circles
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Josiah Schickler (Joda)

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Josiah Schickler (Joda)

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Sitrep...  Operation: Helios 02...  Location: Philadelphia... Team: Tango 1 Alpha... Time: 24:47 z (19:48 local) T - 0:12 to Anomaly measurement
FROM: T1A TO: P. A. I. R. Ops

We are not available for deploy during cluster 4 measurement.

In pursuit of suspected scanner thief:
Male, teen, 6' tall, dark complexion, white t-shirt, black shorts, bright yellow running shoes...

Suspect running East on Market...


Bike team Tango 1 left measurement 3 in three sub groups, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. ALPHA proceeded down classified redacted to rally point classified redacted and joined BETA in ongoing operations.

ALPHA and BETA were ordered by PAIROps to rally with GAMMA at rally point classified redacted for support role in measurement 4. Team lead maxxzimo and agents raveneyes, Kyalo, digitalchaos, and Bonza1 were enroute to rally point when a commotion alerted agents to the theft in progress of the scanner of agent ThePrisoner on Market Street between 4th and 3rd. A civilian was seen fleeing the scene and was immediately under pursuit from several agents including members of Tango 1 cyclists. Agents Narlak and cassie333 were also in the area and joined pursuit by bicycle.

Agents on foot were quickly out paced by the suspect as he ran East through motor vehicle traffic on Market street and made a quick turn South on S Bodine. Pressing the pursuit on bicycle agents raveneyes and Kyalo followed the suspect on S Bodine as agents maxxzimo and digitalchaos proceeded to 2nd St and agents Narlak, cassie333, and Bonza1 turned South on 3rd street.

Civilian restaurant workers in the alley area assisted in the pursuit by indicating the direction of the suspect as he turned East on Elbow Ln and South on Bank St. Agent Kyalo became lead pursuit at the corner of Elbow Ln & Bank St with agent raveneyes providing close support. Additional restaurant workers reported the suspect turning East on Chestnut St (remember this next time you're tipping a server folks) and agents raised the alarm as they rushed through the blind turn. Security personnel at 200 Chestnut reported the suspect turning South on 2nd St. and the suspect was visually confirmed making that turn by agents Kyalo and raveneyes.

Agent Kyalo directly pursued the suspect via the sidewalk as agent raveneyes blocked escape to the east by taking the street and agent Narlak blocked further South.

Agent Kyalo alerted the suspect he was a police officer and performed a textbook dismount take down, stopping the suspect and detaining him. Agent Kyalo made the arrest in his duties as an off duty member of the PPD.

Agent ThePrisoner +Chuck W 

T1A bike team: Maxxzimo - +Jose Reyes, Narlak - +Roberto Quiles, Kyalo - +Thom N, raveneyes - +James Jackson, cassie333 - +Cassandra Zook, DigitalChaos - +Kagan Heater, Bonza1 - +Keith Jameson  


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Josiah Schickler (Joda)

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Operation MagicalMiles

It all started with Niantic.  At least, our chapter started there.  We were told that Niantic was where we discovered what we now call Exotic Matter the mind-altering signal it carries.  It turns out we have records going back to world war two ( ) of people working with XM.  The archaeological evidence goes back… much further (  ).  

Since the leak of Nianitic’s handheld scanner ( ) - which through some quirk of fate or fit of inspiration is able to run as software on most smartphones, leveraging the rare earth elements used in their antennae and processors - we have seen amazing things.  We’ve talked to ghosts ( who is roland jarvis? crazy art thing at cupid span? ), we’ve seen the death become a revolving door (Resurrected Roland Jarvis at Cupid's Span - #13Magnus San Francisco Ingress ), we’ve seen artists describe the future ([]=exotic&s[]=matter ), and we’ve seen a woman walk through walls and across an ocean ( ).  We’ve also seen assassinations, coverups, and an amazing invention change from a potential peer ( ) to a dangerous menace ( Klue & P. A. Chapeau - DEPRECATED (Surveillance Audio) ).  

All of that started at Niantic, and so tonight so did we (,_Illinois ).  What started out as a big sendoff for a friend who’s leaving town took on a life of its own.  It took about a week of emergency trips, hasty meetups, staring at maps, buying backup phones, and of course much driving.  We took advantage of Dr. Bogdanovich’s portal disruptor, but as in all these ops the unsung heroes are the ones who knocked down blockers along the path (or were on standby in case something popped up nearby).  Thanks to everyone who took part.  Good luck with the doctors, Miles.  All the best in the big city, Danny.  Thanks for keeping the fun train on the tracks, Niantic Labs.

10 minutes link time
35 links
24 fields
14 layers over St. Louis
24.26 Million MU

Cast & Crew
+Ted Juch 
+Chris Koppenhofer 
+Guy Clark 
+Dennis Auve 
+Regina Auve 
+Phil Schaefer 
+Ian Ruark 
+Mike Stone 
+Ryan Kleinik 
+Josiah Schickler 
+August Fassler 
+Jamie Topel 
+Eric Clark 
+Robert Matthew Cook 
+Lord Necron 
+Kirk Tolleshaug 
+Karl Ribble 
+Brian A 
+Bryan Walker 
Jason Kemp
Charles Graham
Matt Wright
Lindsey Veverka
James Veverka
+Geoff Atteberry 
+Johnson Glascock 
Sarah Beth Sleninger
+Dru Devore 
raham Currie
+Stephen Hicks 

Get well, Miles Clark

Good luck in the big city,  +Danny Long 

special thanks to +Limitn squeakerz 

and introducing Bartholome009 (Congrats on hitting level 4)

Hat tip to bandwidthhog for his 42 minute response time taking down the Bunceton anchors
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Favorite hacking spot right now

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The sunny picture only shows one fountain… but the green and blue one shows a ton of 'em.
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Best place to eat in Washington. Portion sizes are perfect, price is amazing for what you get and food is awesome!
Public - 11 months ago
reviewed 11 months ago
Totally worth every penny. This place is hands down the best place to eat in Washington.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
the food is good and the place looks great but Union's taco bell serves bigger portion sizes
Public - 4 years ago
reviewed 4 years ago
6 reviews
Great food! Came here with 8 people and everyone loved it!
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Best chineese place in town!
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago