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• _ italic text _ ➜ italic text
• * bold text * ➜ bold text
• - strikethrough text - ➜ strikethrough text
•@Alex Quinn or +Alex Quinn ➜ +Alex Quinn (press @ or + to link to a person in a post or comment)
• After you post, click the little dropdown arrow (▽) in the upper right of the post to disable comments or disable resharing (i.e., for things you don't want to spread beyond your specified audience).
• Press "k" or "j" to move up or down in the stream.
• Press Tab then Enter after writing a comment on a post to quickly submit it. (faster than clicking the Post Comment button every time)
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i think i like this
like a bauce
So how does one write - strikethrough text - without striking through said text?

strikethrough text
Strike through doesn't show up on the app :( 
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