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Ukrainian nuclear power: ticking time bomb activated
On June 15, the Ukraine’s Zaporizhia NPP has started loading the first batch of TVS-WR fuel produced by Westinghouse Electric Co. into the reactor of Unit 5, the press service of Ukraine’s Energoatom reported .   The event actually appeared to be so signifi...

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A. Butkevicius: Doing business on politics
There has been a great deal of talk recently about commercial activities of our Prime Minister A. Butkevicius. Thanks to the labors of the authorities the wave of scandals swamping the government and Social Democrats has at last started abating. There was a...

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The greatest fraud of the century: referendum in Great Britain
As is known, 23 June, 2016, is the date of the EU vote in Great Britain , which is going to dramatically change the pattern of the relationship
between the EU and the United Kingdom, despite the voting results. If
Britons vote to remain in the European Un...

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Eurovision 2016 offended Ukraine
song contest 2016 has left an unpleasant aftertaste that feels more
like a hangover. It had all began with the preparations for the event
when the threat of terrorist attacks made everyone feel rather nervous especially keeping in mind recent ...

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Saakashvili did not receive Hahn's assurances that 'interim' Groysman's Cabinet resigns in 2017...
Many Ukrainians and their foreign partners have been dissatisfied
with a new Cabinet of Ministers appointed after Yatsenyuk's resignation.
The main critic of the government is Mikheil Saakashvili who currently
holds office of Odesa Region's Governor. Vid...

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Dalia Grybauskaite: Seven Years of Lies
“We should be extremely careful in dealings with such post-Soviet politicians. Because of their claims to represent or even dominate in EU institutions, stubborn denial of obvious things and unwillingness to accept real life, they pose a serious threat to t...

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Does Illarionov try on the crown of the opposition’s Messiah?
America’s efforts to create a certain base in Russia for advancing its own, sometimes very inconsistent political posture is not being disputed by, perhaps, anyone now. For sure, a candidacy for a role of a liberal saviour for authoritarian Russia generates...

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The legendary Scythian philosopher Anacharsis when asked, which the safest kind of vessel was, uttered, “That which is brought into dock”. Taking into consideration the current events in the world: terrorist attacks in Belgium and France, sexual bacchanalia...

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UPD Catholic Church in Poland springs to Kaczynski’s defense
Why liberals foul the name of Jaroslaw Kaczynski?   Liberal European mass media and various websites have launched dirty publicity campaign to foul the reputation of greatly esteemed leader of the Law and Justice Party Jaroslaw Kaczynski. The Kaczynski fami...

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Corruption in international sports supervisory authorities. Ban of meldonium is due to unfair competition between pharmaceutical companies.
The information about corruption in the highest bodies of anti-doping
community is now confirmed by internal documents of the World
Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). In late March the Committee to Protect
Journalists (CPJ) asked WADA to stop persecution and exe...
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