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I tested the beta a bit. Looks great, works good, quite some improvements. Thanks a lot!
But I'm still unhappy with the statistics. Single 501 is quite good, but everything else is such a big difference compared to that! And I use the other games for training purposes, in particular Cricket, RTW, Bob's 27.
One thing that should be easy to improve is the Grand Average. How useless is that! The longer you play the less it changes and becomes more and more useless. How about just introducing a reset button for that? At least one can reset it then after a certain time or after important changes in technique or equipment. Of course a monthly average like in 501 would be better ... You promised to put that on the ToDo list quite a while ago. Maybe you actually did but that doesn't help if it is just rotting away there >:-)
But anyway: thanks again for all your work! Wish I could help you.
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It's still on my TODO list Wolfgang. Plan is tap on the Grand Average and select a date range to narrow it down.

RTW was completely rebuild. The old one was unfit for statistics but now I have the data on every dart thrown needed for stats and charts.

I decided to update the UI first with all of the requests and improvements suggested by users and tackle all the difficulties that prevented me from giving every game the same features as Single 501 - it only took a lot longer then expected ;)
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A recommendation: In Single Cricket it would be nice if there would be a way to see whether the input was accepted even if the MPR doesn't change. In RTW for instance the percentage becomes gray for a moment.
Otherwise a great app, thanks a lot!
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Okay, I'll have a look. I'm pretty busy right now with work so don't know when this will be done but this, and the animation, will be in the next update. 

Thanks Wolfgang
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Two more issues:
1. Backup
I cannot find anything substancial of how to save all the data I meanwhile collected in DartPro Android on my phone and if I imagine I would loose all this ...
I also don't really understand how it works with achievements and if the data are stored there somehow in a way so that I could get them back, for instance if I'd buy a new phone.
I understood that you couldn't find a safa way for exporting/importing data and that your time is limited anyway. But maybe you could at least tell where the data are stored so that one could save them by backing up the files manually.

2. Statistics
If one really wants to see his improvements there could be a bit more help with the statistical data. In 501 there is something called Grand Average and in Shoot Out there is also something like this in the overview. But after a while this figure becomes quite useless because it represents a history that is not really interesting anymore and the more data you have the less it is changing anyway. The monthly average like in 501 is way more useful, so it would be nice to have that in the other games as well. Shoot Out would be an important candidate for that and also Single Cricket since there is nothing at all so far beside just the table of the games.

Hope I'm not too impertinent (:-)
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Sorry to hear that! Of course I understand and I'm not in a hurry, don't worry! 
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