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I like to pretend I know how to write
I like to pretend I know how to write

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Book review - Opaque, By Calix leigh-Reigh
Opaque by Calix Leigh-Reign Genre: YA Scifi/Fantasy Release Date: October 22nd 2016 Summary from Goodreads: Highly controversial debut novel by Cālix Leigh-Reign is taking the nation by storm! For those who've been craving an untapped damsel-in-distress-les...

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Book review - The Saga of Urunem, by Caton Hartworth
Title: The Saga of Urunem Author: Caton Hartworth Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Pages: 530 Genre: Fantasy BLURB: All beings in that
place knew that the winds of change were coming, and there they were,
standing on the precipice of all the ...

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Book Review - The Shadow of All Things, by Allen Houston
  Title: The Shadow of All Things Author: Allen Houston Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Pages: 332 Genre: Paranormal/Urban BLURB: When a man in a torn trench coat warns college-student Evelyn Cheng that something evil is coming down the tunnel...

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Book Review - Killer Pursuit, by Jeff Gunhus
Title: Killer Pursuit Author: Jeff Gunhus Publisher: Seven Guns Press Pages: 352 Genre: Thriller BLURB: When a high-society call girl is murdered in her Georgetown home, investigators find two cameras hidden in the walls of her bedroom. One has its memory e...

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Book Blast - Emma G. Loves Boyz: A True Love Journal, By Taro Meyer
G. Loves Boyz: A True Love Journal Author: Taro Meyer GENRE :
YA/Middle Grade BLURB: Emma
G. is CRAZY about Aaron, lead singer of Boyz3000. Of course, she
doesn’t actually know him, but so what? Feelings are feelings. That
is until Josh appears… and...

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Book Review - Fairly Safe, By Deborah Ann Davis
We're happy to have Deborah Ann Davis, author of the new adult novel, Fairly
Safe, here with us today! Please leave a comment to let her know you stopped
by! About the Book: Title : FAIRLY SAFE Author : Deborah Ann Davis Publisher : D&D Universe Pages : 356...

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Book Reviews - The Rhodi Saga, By Megan Linski
Rhodi's Light (The Rhodi Saga #1) by Megan Linski Release Date: September 4th 2016 Gryfyn Publishing Summary: Flight. Hyperspeed. Clairvoyance. These are some of the powers gifted to the Rhodi, an ancient sect of assassins who defend Crescentia, a dystopian...

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Book Review - Sovereign's Wake, By Lee LaCroix
Book Title: Sovereign's Wake Author: Lee LaCroix Publishing Date: November 9, 2015 Page/Word Count: 344 pages BLURB: A kingdom crumbles
without its ruler. The people fall to misery and desperation in the
shadow of an empty throne. A father does what he mu...

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Book Review - Raising Sleeping Stones, By P.H.T. Bennet
  Title: Raising Sleepy Stones Author: P.H.T. Bennet Publisher: Dramkeeper Publishing Pages: 360 Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy Blurb: Like every kid in Solasenda, Kiva Stone has been far too busy training for one of the five town guilds to think about somethi...

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Book Review - Deliverance, By Kristi Centeno
Deliverance by Kristy Centeno Genre: YA/NA Paranormal Release Date: March 19th 2016 Inkspell Publishing Summary from Goodreads: He’s been locked away his entire life. He dreams of freedom. The only way he can accomplish his goals is by breaking free of the ...
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