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Disease Ontology
human disease knowledgebase ontology
human disease knowledgebase ontology


The Disease Ontology has updated our license to Creative Commons CC0.

Disease Ontology CC0 licensing update announcement:
To encourage broad and open usage of the DO's content (data), for example in projects such as Wikidata and CIViC, as of April 5, 2017, the DO data and content licensing will be updated to CC0. While we will continue to encourage users of the DO to cite our publications (available on our DO website:, broader licensing will encourage greater usage of this biomedical ontology. Additionally, on the practical side, we recognize that we are not able to enforce CCBY licensing. The DO has been created and shared for it to be used, thus open content licensing is appropriate for this project. The DO's updated CC0 license will apply to all of our data and content. Notices regarding licensing of art, branding materials, etc. are unchanged.
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The DO team is excited about the latest development: DO_cancer_slim and TOPNodes_DOcancerslim. Curious? You can read all about it here:
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