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A 60 something person who is trying to figure out her new life.
A 60 something person who is trying to figure out her new life.

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Working on Items
I am working on a graphghan for myself its of a phoenix rising done in background of cream and the phoenix is variegated reds to simulate fire.  So far progressing nicely. The other project is a peyote stitched bracelet.  I am doing it as a challenge piece ...

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I have fallen in love with making hand woven beaded medallions.  Most likely for earrings and necklaces but not sure yet.  Could be joined for bracelet and necklaces as well I think. I have made 4 so far various sizes and working on a new one right now with...

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Christmas has come and gone.  So much fuss for something that is over so fast but I love the kids opening their presents.  I also love the look on their faces when they open something that they really wanted. I have been shunned by all of my late husbands k...

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My Jewelry for Sale
I am going to post my jewelry that I make here.  I hand weave all my creations using beading thread, beading needles, and various beads.  I use a lot of seed bead when I make these awesome necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  I also make sets occasionally.  ...

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December 15, 2015
Well I got out yesterday first day since I had my left knee replaced the day before Thanksgiving.  Once a month some of the ladies that I graduated high school with get together and have lunch at a local restaurant that is owned by another one of our long a...

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December 2015
Another Christmas almost upon us.  I have had a ok year.  Bankruptcy was finalized, student loans were forgiving since I am now disabled and unable to work.  Daughter was in a boot all spring, summer until October for tearing her tendon and muscle around he...

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It's Been Awhile
I really want to blog but I just keep not doing it.  I wonder why that is.  I can't seem to get some things done. What I have been doing lately. New Necklace.  Need to find the pictures of the rest I have been doing.  Most of them are in instagram

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One of my bracelets had stitched
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