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A place for me to record my experiences at the Google Teacher Academy 4 April 2012
A place for me to record my experiences at the Google Teacher Academy 4 April 2012


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use google doc to write a video script

use a template from google docs for a script

get children to use comments to say what sort of shot they are going to do (long, shot, close up)


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#gtauk flickr search with CC stamps

#gtauk youtube tips

James and Greg using animation in Keynote then export as movie.

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#gtauk Youtube in the classroom with +James Sanders

Using the tools within Youtube
- annotations - you can add a pop up annotation that then links to another video within youtube (like branched system)
- way more click through rates on the in-video links than putting them anywhere else.
- learn from amazing fact videos from vsauce - unicorn farts - who wouldn't want to learn :-)

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#gtauk hurrah!

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#gtauk great YouTube channel from CGP Grey

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#gtauk +James Sanders writes each lesson as a blog post.

includes links to resources such as
- video screen cast of how to submit your work (shares google docs)
- tweet information
- hand in homework
- answer questions
- watch a video and comment on it and make a comic strip

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#gtauk Flipped
Youtube is very important as part of flipped learning.
+James Sanders has youtube teacher group


uses lots of pencasting - uploads videos using tablet to anotate and discuss student questions.

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#gtauk +James Sanders on flipping the classroom

start with website, every lesson is on there, all students have twitter, tumblr and twitter accounts. Gives students a portfolio.

James is still teaching - can has posted a lesson for today already.

Socrative - online voting system. Having a go with it - lovely interface, open, don't need to share same wifi network, just need the 'room' network.
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