This is to all the celebrities on google+
Haters, without them, you wouldnt be here.
Fans, without them, you wouldnt be were you are.
They are bullies, cuz a friend wouldnt say, "I hate you"
ONLY a bully.
Everyone in there life gets bullied.
Stand up to them.
Tell them that you've had enough
You dont care if they say I hate you
Its there loss, they'll end up living alone,
having to start their life all over again.
Finding a home in the park.
Like Justin Bieber said,
" I know theres sunshine beyond that rain, I know theres good times beyond that pain"
Why do you hate Justin bieber? Selena Gomez? They tred hard to live their dream, just like you would. You m,ight say,
"If I were famous, I wouldnt care about haters"
But its not just 100 or 500, its like 100,000 1,000,000, but even more fans. You cant just shake it off, cuz its on twitter, facebook, youtube. Have mean people saying," I hate you" Like Harry Styles said, " I see 3 people say Your amazing, you dont say, 'why do they say im amazing,' you guess they say that because they're fans, but then you see 1 that says,'i hate you,' then you ask,' why do you hate me? what did i do?'' he started CRYING!!!! hIS FEELINGS ARE HURT!! Kay, it hurts when someone is bullied. It feels like if someone wants you to stop living, its not nice, cuz if YOU were bullied you wouldnt like it, having to sit at luncg alone, crying at night, thinking,' why do they make me feel so sad, just because im smart, or im dumb, or even because of the way you dress, if you were being you, and someone said "nice shirt" and laughed, you know they're making you feel bad, thats when you say, "well i like this shirt, its my favoriute shirt, thank you very much' they will be annoyed, tell someome if it keeps going. This is by Delaney Cimorelli,
Dont let bullys win, good should ALWAYS win, not matter if super powers arent real. Words are your super power.
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