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Byron Thai Massage School

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This is from a lovely client with Parkinson disease.

"Valentina - I hope this email finds you well.
I think what happened to me during our 4-hour sessions was a combination of the shear relief of tension in my muscles that you gave me, followed by the positioning of my limbs in positions I cannot get into myself, combined with your presence it allowed me to express my emotions in a way i had not done before.
I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me. "

I would love to FILM some more THAI MASSAGE VIDEOS (before or after next 3-week course starting on the 20th of Oct).
I would be open to someone with experience and equipment in video making to swap filming and editing for the 3-week Thai Yoga Training.
Anyone interested?
Email me at:

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We all know the solo performance on SYTYCD, but this is showcases his perfect control in a longer routine

Very new at this Google + Not quite sure yet how it all works and what I'm meant to be doing, with circles, personal profile, page, how to connect them, etc.. It's all a bit too much. How much time are we meant to have for all these social medias? What about face to face social? Any time left for that?

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Who wants to learn?

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Do you have the desire to learn something PHYSICAL that keeps you FIT & at the same time helps others feel better, healthier and free of aches & pains?
The July 3-week intensive Level I-II-III only has 3 places left.
Info here:

Thai Massage is the most amazing type of massage.
There are so many different ways, styles and techniques, but because of the poverty in Thailand they unfortunately have been willing to adapt a thousands years old tradition to the paying westerners.
That is not Traditional Thai Massage.

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3-week intensive Thai Yoga Massage course in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia.
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