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jazz shaw
Politics is like astrophysics. In the end it's usually just a black hole that consumes your soul.
Politics is like astrophysics. In the end it's usually just a black hole that consumes your soul.

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Back to the drawing board. We better start sewing new American flags, because apparently North Dakota isn't a state. Unless, of course, we can split California in half really fast.

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Video of Jon Stewart's interview with Congressional Medal of Honor winner Leroy Petry is attached at the link. I hadn't heard the full story before. So this guy is leading his platoon in a rebel compound. He gets shot in BOTH legs. He bandages up his own legs and continues fighting. The grenade lands, he picks it up to throw it away to save everyone and his entire hand is blown off. He PUTS ON HIS OWN TOURNIQUET on his wrist, and GOES BACK TO FIGHTING.

In the end, apparently a couple of the rebels still manged to escape the compound, which he "regrets." My theory is that he would have managed to catch them were he not dragged down by the weight of his own ENORMOUS BRASS BALLS.

Salute, Leroy. We owe you a big one.

Ummm... where do I change my preferences so G+ doesn't e-mail me every single time somebody comments in the same thread as me?

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I simply can't wait to see the dueling banjo explanations of these two simultaneous polls. In the first one, voters say 67-25 that a debt ceiling agreement should include a tax increase on the wealthy, closing loopholes, etc.
In the second poll, voters say 55-34 that they don't want a tax increase as part of the debt ceiling agreement.

Is this like when you ask voters if they want the debt cut and they overwhelmingly say yes, but when you ask them what to cut, they basically say nothing except the five bucks we spend on foreign aid?

I forget who said this originally, but it's probably true. The GOP, as a negotiating tactic, spent so long trying to convince Obama they were crazy enough to let the country default that by the time they did it, it was too late to notice that he's apparently crazy enough to let them.

Don't pay much attention to this. Just testing to see if and how I can link to a post on here externally.

How lame is it that it took me this long to realize that I could actually post an update here like you do on Facebook? Even more to the point, I rarely post anything on Facebook unless it's something so libertarian that I'm not comfortable publishing at Hot Air. Do I really need yet another social network to not use? Does this thing have a function for writing "notes" like in FB?
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