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William Hay
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Physician, Psychiatrist, Addictionist, Writer
Writer, dancer, guitarist, physician, psychiatrist, addictionist, minor surgery, delivered a hundred babies, taught at University of Manitoba and University of British Columbia, wilderness medicine specialist, ships captain, solo bluewater sailor, big game and bird hunter, spirituality student, fisherman, Harley Davidson motorcyclist, homesteader, urban survivalist, adventurer, dog and cat owner,
  • William Hay, M.D. Inc.
    Physician, Psychiatrist, Addictionist, present
    I have my own private practice in which I see patients on referral from family physicians. I am funded through government health care plans, private sources, insurance companies, legal services and workman's compensation and veterans affairs. In addition I work in a methadone clinic where I also do psychiatric consultations
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Study, Adventure, and Prayer
I came from a loving suburban family with stay at home Mom who wrote for the local paper, was involved in the community club and church. Dad did engineering but loved camping, hunting and fishing. The dog was part of the family. It was the era of the 'cold war'. I played hockey and baseball and rode my bicycle. Vietnam, the Beatles, religious freedom and freedom of information, the birth control pill, civil liberties and human rights were all a part of my adolescence and college years. I was on student council executives, played leads in school plays, played on the provincial championship volleyball teams and competed in gymnatics. I was a lifeguard,did creative dramatics, started and played guitar in coffeehouses and first poetry, later prose, and still later medical, beaurocratic and legal reports. I'm still hoping for a novel. After bicycling across Europe and training with the world champion latin dancer I began university in theology and drama being accepted to medicine after a 'prayer experience' in a university chapel and a surprising knack for biochemistry. Working as a country gp and northern flyin doctor I did a combined speciality in community medicine and psychaitry. Marriage and divorce followed marriage and divorce with beautiful intelligent women and decades of love and companionship followed by divorce perversion. From an interest in community and systems I moved to family therapy, then personality disorder and finally ended in head injury with a subspeciality in addiction medicine. Hospitals, asylums, cities, small towns, islands, northern and rural practices with time in city and country. After a homestead raising chickens I moved onto a sailboat in Vancouver harbour to eventually sail with my wife to Mexico. Returning I'd winter sail solo to Hawaii and later work in Saipan before returning to practice in Vancouver. Always I was involved in the Christian faith, raised baptist I joined the United Church as an adult along with being an initiate of the Self Realization Fellowship and a Taoist Tai Chi practitioner. Today I'm a member of the Anglican faith attending Christ Church Cathedral. Ecumenicalism and the spirituality of the 12 step movement are core to my life. From reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance at the recommendation of a medical school classmate I've become a Harley rider and member of H.O.G. I am blessed to have a brilliant brother whose family continues to amaze me, a truly remarkable father of 90 years of age, life long friends and a close and intimate circle of friends I am able to see most days or weeks. I'm further priviledged to have colleagues and patients who are truly remarkable individuals. But mostly I'm thankful for my teachers. And I'm a sinner and if I was born smart I'd not have had to attend so much school and so continuously go to the bottom of the class when I start a new endeavour like subspecialization, archery, cat raising, ocean fishing, scuba rescue diving, wilderness survival or whatever. I continue to want government to be accountable and believe in truth and love. Sunshine, oxygen, smiles, indoor plumbing, hot water, refridgeration, the internet and space travel are all truly marvellous. I believe God is loving and anxiety is equally a measure of my distance from God and my humanity.
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Flyin Doctor Canadian North, Survived plane crash, Completed psychiatry residency, Sailed solo across the Pacific, Survived three divorces,
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Toronto and Winnipeg - Toronto, Winnipeg, London (England), San Francisco, Comox, Parksville, Saipan
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