Anyone else shocked by the windows 8 explorer "improvements"? Honestly the screenshot I saw I first thought it was a nicely cleaned up version of MS Word. +Marco Arment said it best in his post about it ( I think. Really MS? Really?

Apparently doing file management requires:

Home tab: 19 menu buttons
Share tab: 7 buttons + user list
View tab: 13 buttons + view options list
Manage tab: 6 buttons

That's ignoring the context aware tools and tabs.

Seriously, I understand that you are exposing everything that explorer can do, but are real people expected to look at this and NOT want to never open it again and be even more scared of file management than they are now? I understand that going the over-simplified way of the Mac Finder (7 buttons total, 4 of them being a control to change the view and 2 being the back/forward buttons) might be too simplified, but good god, cramming everything that explorer can POSSIBLY do into the toolbars...

Yes, I see you can reduce the ribbon to something similar to the previous version. Thank you for setting up more/better keyboard shortcuts and revealing some items that people may not have known were there, but at what cost. Do you really need your contact list loaded into your file management window.

My mind is still boggling at the..... the..... "Microsoft-ness" of this. Yes, that's the word, Microsoftness.

I can't wait to hear what +Paul Thurrott and +Leo Laporte say about this on Windows Weekly this week.
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