My List of Complains About Ubuntu 11.10 (So Far)

So I got the new Ubuntu installed this morning and have to say there are some nice tweaks, but there are a lot of things that are still broken, newly broken, or ignored. Here's a quick list as I'm trying to get some work done this morning:

* gwibber-service still maxing out my CPU for no reason
* Why is evolution in the messaging menu when I use thunderbird (and Thunderbird is supposed to be the default mail client?)
* Unity is on wrong monitor, doesn't respect the 'main monitor' setting
in nvidia-settings like natty did. See:
* Sometimes a dropdown from the top menu goes away after clicking it, and I have to keep my mouse button down to get to entries in it
* Sorry but the Unity launcher is still full of #fail
- Hit winkey, then type then downarrow doesn't work now, you have to hit downarrow twice to get to the first result in the list (before you could type 'ter' then hit downarrow and have the 'terminal' selected)
- Setting reveal mode in the CCSM doesn't work
- invisible window bug still present (Yammer)
- doesn't respect fitts' law (why is there a bit open useless space at the top?
* play/pause multimedia keys don't work (worked fine in natty) - Edit: bug: / -- conclusion from the dev "I will not change this back, please fix your apps". This appears to have been fixed with the last apt-get update, yay! correction2: nope, not fixed sigh...
* Why can't I change any of the 8 icons in the main dash menu? I maybe have more important icons to have instead of firefox, thunderbird, banshee and shotwell (ie: terminal). Maybe even using my default apps (I am using amarok as it seems to be the only Linux media player that can save positions in mp3s and podcasts, but that's another complaint)
* The 'maximize' button for the dash is a joke. Seriously, WTF. They spent untold time making the dash meld it's color with the background wallpaper but didn't make a config tool to let me edit the main menu?
* How can I make the 'bluetooth' icon not show up in the menu
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