Iphone 8; fingerprint sensor location?

Everyone keeps guessing on the location of the fingerprint sensor for the upcoming iPhone 8; will it be in the screen as many have hoped, or is that out since everything points to a bigger than before power button size based on the leaked schematics? Many are curious about the larger sized power button and can’t really figure out why it would need to be that large, unless Apple had to make it larger to accommodate the fingerprint sensor there. Makes sense right?

Well don’t count the “sensor in the screen” out just yet, based solely on the power button size or rumors of difficulty in getting the tech right for Apple!

I theorize that maybe Apple designed the power button bigger ahead of time just as a “b plan” for the fingerprint sensor in case they couldn’t get it working in the display, BUT that they have been working overtime to get it working in the screen. And I believe that this is extra important for them to accomplish as it is the 10 year anniversary so they are likely to be pulling out all the stops to make it happen. Even if it means limited supply initially they will look so much better having pulled it off in spite of it never being done before.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 😊

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