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The Fifth House is here

My new book, The Fifth House, is out today!

Following closely on the events of The Only City Left, Allin Arcady searches for his lost love. Tyena Branch struggles to scavenge enough food to keep her mother and herself alive. And in the cat city of Pudlington, the uneasy truce between humans and felines is already faltering.

Into this turmoil enters the true power behind Doyle Arcady’s reign... The Fifth House.

DRM-Free everywhere. Free Kindle version with purchase of the softcover. No werebeasts were harmed in the making of this book.

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Need to catch up? Find the links to Book 1, The Only City Left, at

Early Reviews for The Fifth House:

1) Mack Moyer:

“It seems like every novel taking place after the fall of human civilization spends chapter upon chapter telling us how things like zombies and laser swords came about. Goldman does none of that. His world is full of talking cats, ghosts, monsters and tiny coils that can turn you into a werebear (or perhaps a squid). It’s just awesome for the sake of being awesome.”

2) Ryan Toxopeus:

“The way themes re-emerged from the first book to be bigger and badder than before was excellent. The voices of the two main characters were distinct. I found myself liking Allin's humour more than Tyena's straight shooting attitude, but both were well written.”

3) Galit Balli:

“I had high expectations from this book as I just finished reading the first only a few weeks ago and I am so happy it didn’t fall and this book was such a wonderful read. It was fast paced with lots of action scenes and twists and turns that can make you scream at the book.”

Thoughts on The Dark Tower movie:

1) I never had a problem with Idris Elba as Roland. Whatever, it's another turn of the wheel. Let things change. But as it turns out, this isn't Roland's movie. It's not The Gunslinger. It's Jake's movie. And while the actor who played Jake did a good job, the focus on Jake is bound to put off some fans of the books. I found it an odd focus when the character of The Gunslinger is so compelling, but I am guessing they wanted Jake as a gateway for regular moviegoers to understand the goings on in the Dark Tower universe.

2) The movie wants to be epic and at the same time just an appetizer to lead you into more movies, TV shows, etc. It's hard to be an epic appetizer. It's like, these are AMAZING mozzarella sticks, man, try them you'll love them. And then they serve you three sticks and the cheese has melted out of two of them and they didn't give you much dipping sauce. Man, I'm hungry.... Where was I? Oh yeah, the movie is short. Just about 90 minutes not including credits. It felt more like a TV pilot than a movie though. Introduces a lot, sets up a universal threat, and... spoilers ahead...
nips the universal threat in the bud pretty easily, stops for a hot dog, and says, let's go on more adventures, k? K!

3) I can't see this satisfying long-time fans, and I suspect it's not going to excite new viewers, either. Nothing about it left me going Fuck Yeah! It wasn't bad. There were some nice nods to other King works, there were some chuckle moments, and the couple of gunfight scenes were cool, but it didn't add up to something I would recommend.

Final thoughts: I know a literal translation of the first book wouldn't have worked, but it's unfortunate that this is the result of so many rewrites and involved parties. The focus should have been on Roland. I'll be surprised if this makes enough to justify the TV-movie universe they want to create out of it.

I'm in the theater for The Dark Tower at 19:19. Going in with an open mind and the hope that the filmmakers haven't forgotten the faces of their fathers.

Two other guys are in the audience so far. 😂

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YES! Voltron!
LEGO Third 2016 Review Stage Winner Announced

LEGO has just announced the results of the Third 2016 Review Stage over on the LEGO Ideas blog.

Read the full post here:


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When you click Random for your in-game avatar.

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I made my Will save for the Rifts bundle from Bundle of Holding, but will I be able to resist all this Dr. Who goodness from Humble Bundle?

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What did we get from Amazon!? I don't remember ordering anything. Oooo, big box, exciting! Heavy!


Really, guys? This would have fit in a rectangular box, ya know.
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Seattle-area friends, go check this out and maybe get some wonderful Lego art!
Today is the culmination of three months hard work and a year of trial and error: I hung 12 finished photographic mixed media pieces at my local cafe: Cafe Javasti, Maple Leaf location. If you're in the Seattle, WA area, check out the show, it will be up until the end of August. If you stop by, please let me know what you think. Feel free to help me spread the word.

I wanted to share this insanity with my favorite community so I snapped a few photos so you can see what I've been up to. Now that this project is finished, I can get back to the business of running the blog and helping with the community. :)
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This is Jack's complete lack of surprise. :)

Edit: I got Brain.

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I am looking forward to this. Graboids, +Christopher Goldman!
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