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Check out this awesome photosphere taken at the +LUX* Maldives​ while visiting as part of the +Save the Ice​ trip to the Maldives. We got to spend time with resident marine biologists and engineers and learn about the plight of whale sharks, reef restoration and other efforts to offset and adapt to the impact of climate change.
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Awesome. I'll take that even on a cloudy day
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+Save the Ice viking formal wear (vikingcore) replaces normcore as the top fashion trend in Riga, Latvia. #savetheice #vikingnista #fashion (Photoshoot by +Arthur Okoun)
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+Max Goldstein nailed it.
Add a comment... Love how AutoAwesome prepped the video, threw in my chicken I was eating, and made it seem serious. #EverestAwesome #Train4Everest #MtTam #Everest
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Really cool!!!! Even the chicken... :)
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Trip to Eden to train, heal, and center before we leave for the mountain #Train4Everest #EverestAwesome
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Iceclimbing frozen waterfalls is amazing! Great way to #Train4Everest #EverestAwesome
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Here's a video of some awesome industry colleagues and I discussing the future and feasibility of Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things at Web Summit 2014. If you're interested in autonomous vehicles, home automation, or wearables, check it out! #secureIoT #websummit
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its should to be more secure,its good idea if it can be take part in security,on web i do think there are several things can be done.But the sad thing is that,security barkers always there.I do like it.     
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Went with some vikings on a campaign through the Baltics to raise awareness about global warming.

Check out Save The Ice

#savetheice #itsneat
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+Michele Battelli and I training in our own ways for Everest. #Train4Everest #EverestAwesome
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How I get ready for skiing: deflate the tires of my double-jogging stroller and push the kids up a steep hill multiple times. 
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Dan Fredinburg

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The ReAllocate guys are running Hacktivation at the end of March.  Make time and get involved!

Hack with Purpose on March 28th-30th, 2014. Join the HACKtivation and use your skills to address homelessness in San Francisco.

+Kyle Stewart +Mike North 
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Dan Fredinburg

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Great writeup about using mindfulness to avoid being judgmental.


We all have a tendency to mindlessly pigeonhole people: He’s rigid. She’s impulsive. But when you freeze someone in that way, you don’t get the chance to enjoy a relationship with them or use their talents. Mindfulness helps you to appreciate why people behave the way they do. It makes sense to them at the time, or else they wouldn’t do it.

We did a study in which we asked people to rate their own character traits—the things they would most like to change and the things they most valued about themselves—and we found a big irony. The traits that people valued tended to be positive versions of the ones they wanted to change. So the reason I personally can’t stop being impulsive is that I value being spontaneous. That means if you want to change my behavior, you’ll have to persuade me not to like spontaneity. But chances are that when you see me from this proper perspective—spontaneous rather than impulsive—you won’t want to change me.

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Low oxygen training helps you get centered. Our apologies for being those idiots w masks on in the gym #Train4Everest #EverestAwesome
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I am 98.5% behind you here Dan and have not drunk haterade tonight....though somehow I managed a bottle of '85 Cristal.

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I'm done. I hiked for 20 hours and 20 minutes. 33.5 miles from the Mission to Stinson Beach then back to Mill Valley. It feels great to finally be out of Muir Woods. I never want to go back. I never want to talk about it again. I just want to sleep. #Train4Everest #EverestAwesome
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+Josh Jett The next climbing season is March-May, so only 2 months away.
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The atmosphere and clientele may scare you into shoving your face as quickly as possible. So may the ramen.
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All their public listings said they were open, but alas, at 6:42p on a Wed night, Acadia is closed. Empty windows greet an empty stomach. Sad eyes glance hungrily at the blacked out sign. Is Acadia no more? Did the staff get ill and they had to close for the evening? Or are they just really bad at updating their web and apps presence? Too bad. Too late. Two stars. Only because the building looks nice and the location is prime.
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Not sure why I was in this neighborhood in the first place. My pilot needed to land our space shuttle to relieve himself. Staff had poor communication skills. Kitchen not ready 30 minutes after opening time. Sanitation questionable. Food pretty good.
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Counterintuitive location, but amazing lunch stop between SF and the great outdoors.
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home away from home - drop in, lift, shower, crank out some work, eat, drink, say hi, appreciate the view, go
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Edit: Wasabi Bistro was kind enough to comp my next meal (and they didn't poison me with it). I can attest to the fact that their sashimi and seaweed salad are quite good! ordered food for pickup and was told 30-45 minutes. It showed up 85 minutes later, after I made calls to the restaurant. The edamame was good, but the meal should be comped.
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This place gives me amnesia. I'm not sure why. I still love the food and atmosphere.
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