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What I Wore | A Suede Mini
This photo reminds me that I really need to fake tan... You could say I might have forgotten how to blog and I think you would be right.  For the past 3 months, I have been a walking-sleeping-eating  monster student, with a brain full of facts about the mon...

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What I Wore | An Afternoon In Paris
"Paris is always a good idea." - Audrey Hepburn It seems only fitting to start this post with a very, very relevant quote from one of my very, very favourite ladies of style! Last weekend, I visited Paris for the first time ever and, oh gosh, it was even mo...

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Life | 2014 Reflections & 2015 Goals (plus a hearty serving of inspirational quotes)
Of course, I set up The Fashion Ramblings to blog all things fashion and style - clothes are my obsession and I'm  preeettty  sure that's a habit that won't be going anywhere! But, with the start of the new year, a lifestyle post feels very necessary. After...

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As regularly mentioned, one of my pet hates is poor quality photos, sighh, but it is winter and winter does not equate to pretty photos (at least not with my camera). I really must learn to stop starting every blog post with the same complaint though, I am ...

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What I Wore | Mom Jeans, Stripes and Tartan
When it comes to jeans, I tend to take a if-they-aren't-cutting-off-circulation-to-my-feet-they-aren't-for-me sort of approach. So, finally purchasing a pair of Mom jeans from Asos was kind of a big deal for me (even if they were called ' Slim  Mom Jeans')....

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What I Wore | Jones + Jones Jessie Dress Black
Beauuuuutiful dress, the poorest quality photos. Story of my life, hey? Let me begin with THE biggest apology. I seem to have been MIA over five weeks, but I do have some excuses (in case you were interested): Sixth form life is craaazy hectic - "I want to ...

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What I Wore | Grid ongrid
This is an impostor, can you tell...?! A little while ago, one of the shopping centres near me had a student night which meant extra student discounts on almost all of my favourite shops, hallelujaaahhh! Discounts - what better excuse to spend money on thin...

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October Pick | Chi Chi London
This Chi Chi London blog post is long overdue, but in all fairness to y'all I've been pondering a way to express just how completely BEAUTIFUL this dress is. I've always been a sucker for pretty dresses, especially ones with lovely, puffy skirts and this Ch...

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What I Wore | Monochrome (again) and Closed-Eyed Madness
Would you believe me if I told you these pictures are the best of twenty or so photos?! I'm not even sure what happened, we seemed to have had some sort of eye-closing/nose-flaring/camera-not-focusing problem. It's a choice between photos with sleepy, shut ...

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What I Wore | Houndstooth Cigarette Trousers
"Do that sassy thing with your hair" - Hannah Looking vaguely uninterested Clearly wasn't fed up of trying to think of poses or anything (ahem) Do you see now why I have an issue with boots/ankles, as mentioned in this post? (Gross tiny ankles, gross.) But ...
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