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Business Data, Excel, Microsoft Excel, VBA, Macros, Enterprise Applications, Nigeria, Analysis
Business Data, Excel, Microsoft Excel, VBA, Macros, Enterprise Applications, Nigeria, Analysis

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Cluster and Word Cloud Analysis of Tweets About Buhari Today Using R
Last week I wrote about doing a  sentiment analysis of tweets about the President using Python's Sentiwordnet and Vader . Today, I switched to R and did a clustering and word cloud of the tweets about President Buhari. Below are the steps I took: I imported...

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Data Types and Data Structures In R
R recognizes four main data types: Numeric values : These are number values which can have decimal parts. Examples are 55, 27.8 and 100.255 Integer values : These are number values with no decimal parts. To differentiate them from Numeric values, when manua...

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Analyzing Nigeria Stock Market, Bond Yield, Exchange Rate and GDP Using R
Today I decided to do an interesting analysis using R. I compiled actual/live data from as far as 1998 on Nigerian All Share Index and 48 of the most valuable stocks. You can access the raw data here:

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Webinar: Excel vs Python vs R for Data Analysis. Making the right pick.
There is a lot of textbook arguments on Excel vs Python vs R. In fact, a few weeks back I used to be part of that argument. I took sides with Excel. And I had my solid reasons. But now I don't take sides anymore. I focus on a bigger picture, a picture I bec...

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Real-time Interactive Nigerian Stocks Analysis Portal
You asked and I have delivered. And I want to say a big thanks to everyone who kept asking and nudging me do to this -- I am happy to say its done. It's accessible here: Everyday, it automatically updates with t...

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Introduction to R and Python
R is, arguably, the world's most popular programming language for data analysis. It is an adaptation of S language developed by Bells Laboratories strictly for statistics and data analysis. S language became very popular and R grew out of it as the open-sou...

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Sentiment Analysis of Today's Tweets About President Buhari Using Python's Vader and Sentiwordnet
After a long weekend crisscrossing Lagos, Kaduna and Abuja to deliver our quarterly Business Data Analysis and In-depth Excel Training in Abuja, I rested today and decided to do an interesting data analysis task.  Do a sentiment analysis on today's tweets a...

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Tutorial On Creating A Frequency Distribution Chart With Microsoft Excel, R and Python
I got to join this amazing community of Data Scientists in Nigeria. We are a mix of experts and beginners. Today, I created a tutorial for the beginners to see how to do a common task like frequency distribution plot in both Python and R, also decided to in...

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Setting Up Power BI Embedded on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017
We got a request from a big company to show them how to integrate Power BI with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.  In other to prepare demo content for the training, I had to install Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 and set it up with Power BI. NAV 2017 can integrate...

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The Seven New Charts Exclusive To Excel 2016
In August 2016 we wrote about the  new chart types in Excel 2016 .  Since then, the list has grown slightly. Now we have seven new chart types in Excel 2016.  The latest entry is Filled Maps. It allows you do a map of your location/state/branch/region/city/...
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