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Co-design and collaboration
+Central Saint Martins, Thursday 18 September, 11.00am to 12.30pm

What is the role of designers in the brave new world of open innovation?

From collecting ideas for social good to community co-creation, the role of the designer is shifting. The sharing of ideas and talent has clear benefits, but raises issues of ownership and Intellectual Property. Are we losing the purity of a singular design vision through the process of co-creation, or do many cooks make better and more efficient outcomes?

Cecilia Weckstrom (LEGO), joined by Gadi Amit (+NewDealDesign), Nathan Waterhouse (+IDEO) and Oliver Marlow (+Studio TILT) to discuss the possibilities and potential pitfalls with co-creation and how the role of the designer is evolving to work best within this new collaborative process.

Supported by +AlixPartners

Find out more and book your ticket at:

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