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Elizabeth Anne
teacher of English to Physics students, online rather often
teacher of English to Physics students, online rather often

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Just discovered the video template in Storify to review a tweetmeet. So I have to try it out on #ICT4ELT17

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Here's a Gratin Dauphinois, which is as local as possible since I live in the region of France formerly called the Dauphiné, because it used to belong to the Dauphin, and the Dauphin was the heir apparent to the throne of France. In any case it is totally delicious with tons of cream, which is the new lite.
You can read all about it here
"Anne" really is my family name, so do call me Elizabeth. I am enjoying reading your introductions, as the place to start !
Unfortunatly you may have noticed my absence, but then you will have also noticed the fantastic team which jumped in and filled the gap :-)
This morning I added a comment on the wiki page


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I love the "rediscover this day" which pops up on G+ - but why on earth were we celebrating Christmas on the 22nd Dec .... Google seems to have got that wrong LOL

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Hi again,
I'm wondering if the Classic G+ choice "view profile as self/ view profile as public" really has gone from the new interface. I really can't find it :-(

Is there somewhere I can see the posts which I have +1 'd
I've been fishing around all the questions here, and it seems to be a new question.
While I can find a summary of the +1s on my own posts, I no longer seem to be able to check back on posts which I added +1 to
This was an option on the ClassicG+ (though it was never really up to date there) but I cannont find it on the new interface.
Is it me, or does the option no longer exist?

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And my all time favourite - so short and snappy
I went to check out +Katelin McClure to see who had made it, and found the most fabulous "_about me_"
Talk about practise what you preach ;-) - obviously someone for teachers to follow.

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One just for the pleasure - this 11th grade history teacher is a brilliant speaker and her poem is brill :-)

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This is a nice short 3 mins introductory video for people who are not already aware of the concept of a digital footprint, though with a more safety concious approach than the Ted talk guy or the GDST videos.

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This is a 6 min video made for the GDST (the Girl's Day School Trust)
What's that you might say. Wellit was originally a chain of 29 UK public schools (which actually means they were private schools - since the word is confusing for non-UK residents LOL) Recently some of them have been turned into Academies under the new UK education system.
Anyway - this 6 min film, made at the Google HQ for teenage girls is worth a look :-)
Very professional indeed

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This almost 7 min Ted talk really stresses this importance of building a positive footprint.
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