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Check out my latest blog update for more adventures in Urban Exploring :)

Post has attachment Check out my blog for an in-depth look into the stories behind the explores :) Like it, share it with your friends and stay tuned for many more explores!

Post has attachment Check out my blog for an in-depth look into the adventures behind my explores. Like it, Share it with your friends and stay tuned for continued glimpses into what can be found when you travel Off the Beaten Path :)

Will be uploading part of another album soon....any one in particular you'd like to see more of? Just check out my Over-view album and like or comment :) For anyone who is interested in Urbex, drop by and check out this magazine! Awesome community of explorers...and be sure to take a peek at my first article titled Childhood Memories :D

Sorry no posts for a while...been insanely busy but loving every minute of it!!! Posting an album to highlight what I've been up to :) so stay tuned!!

Soooo excited for the weekend! Will be packing bags soon for a weekend urbex adventure with a list a mile long! Don't know how many places we will be able to get to but that's part of the fun :D

Research for our next urbex trip is coming along exceptionally well! Getting excited :D

Being an urbex photographer is our passion. To those of you who have added us, leave some feedback and let us know what you are interested in seeing from us so we can cater to your interests! :D

Saturday October 8th is World Zombie Day! 5,000 zombies gathering for charity working together to alleviate hunger. What better way to spend the day than contributing to a good cause while submerging yourself in the midst of one of the biggest genres! Our city is Pittsburgh, what's yours?!
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