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What music service would you say is best at providing you good NEW music, as opposed to just replaying tracks you've thumbed up? 

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+Nat Roth came up with the idea for this one, then wrote the hell out of it. It really is the best one yet. 
I'm not kidding. Tonight's episode is literally the best we've ever done. You're going to want to play this one.

95.1 Hood River
95.9 Stevenson
96.7 Carson
107.1 Parkdale
107.7 The Dalles

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If you didn't know, Jackey Neyman Jones - THE ACTUAL DEBBIE FROM MANOS THE HANDS OF FATE will be at +WagonCon 2017 this year. She's going to play Risus with us. 

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Tonight, Frontier Musicology turns 18! (episodes)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Frontier Musicology crew got stuck filling in for wacky morning DJs? Of course you have. Everyone has.

If it sounds awful, it was! Just how bad?

7:00PM PST Tonight!
95.1 FM Hood River
95.9 FM Stevenson
96.7 FM Carson
107.1 FM Parkdale
107.7 FM The Dalles

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49 Days till WagonCon 2017!

It has been almost 2 weeks since the KickStarter ended and the board has been putting more finishing touches on this years convention details.

We are still looking for more GMs to run games and always looking for Volunteers. If you are interested in either, please contact us via the website.

Some important up coming dates:

25 Mar 2017 Saturday at noon!
Volunteer Informational meeting to be held at Oregon Trail Games. If you are interested it volunteering, please come on down and talk with us.

29 Mar 2017
VIPs gain access to Game Registration

30 March to 2 April - Gamestorm in Portland Oregon
A few of the WagonCon 2017 board members will be running around Gamestorm this year. We will be sporting our Gamestorm swag! Come and see us and join in a game!

5 Apr 2017
Game Registration Open for everyone!

17 April 2017
GM Rebate Deadline. We still need more GMs, please remember that

5 May 2017
WAGONCON 2017 Starts!
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