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New JavaScript methods in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013  is providing some exciting new methods we can use with the JavaScript SDK on the entity forms, such as : Easier way to set the form dirty Custom lookup filters Displaying form notifications as well as field specific notificatio...

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Restrict Auto Save in MSCRM 2013
function stopAutoSave(context) {     var saveEvent = context.getEventArgs();     if (saveEvent.getSaveMode() == 70) { //Form AutoSave Event         saveEvent.preventDefault(); //Stops the Save Event     } } 

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Creste Email using CRM 2011 Plug In
private void SendEmail(IOrganizationService service, Guid recieverUserId, Guid senderUserId, Guid regardingObjectId, string emailBody, string emailSubject) { Entity email = new Entity(); email.LogicalName = “email”; //Set regarding object property (i.e. The...

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Looking ahead to 2014 with the next release due in Q1 (codenamed Mira), Microsoft have indicated their CRM roadmap includes: • Marketing Pilot Integration – to connect mid-market and enterprise level marketing automation with CRM including multi-channel cam...

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MSCRM 2013 Heighlights
Redesigned User Experience : Cleaner, faster, more intuitive interfaces with no pop ups or flipping from one application to the next. Process Agility : Agile process guidance so you can respond to rapidly changing business needs. CRM on the Go:  New Windows...

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MSCRM 2011 ExecuteMultipleRequest
/// <summary>     /// Call this method for bulk Create     /// </summary>     /// <param name="service">Org Service</param>     /// <param name="entities">Collection of entities to Create</param>     public static void BulkCreate(IOrganizationService servic...

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MSCRM 2013 Image Data Types SDk
You can access images via a URL. The URL of the image is a read only value available via the SDK off of the Image as an absolute address. Image URLs behave in a similar fashion to Web Resources and Attachments. The primary difference is that images are retu...

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MSCRM 2013 Image Data type Storage
On upload via the web application or SDK, images are validated, resized, and stored as a common binary data format in the CRM database. Regardless of upload format, all images are all formatted to JPG on create or update. On average, this puts most images a...

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MSCRM 2013 Image Data Type Data Modeling
The display name can be set for images but SchemaName is always “entityImage” for any image-enabled entities and cannot be changed.  The image data type is not searchable.  A PrimaryImageAttribute metadata has been added to the entity.  Only a single image ...

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MSCRM 2013 Image Data Type
In CRM 2011, images are stored
in notes as MIME encoded text. As a result, images get converted to a
displayable format for every read and no pre-cached thumbnails exist. In CRM
2013, images are being introduced as a first class data type. You can now add
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