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Will Facebook be a Ghost Town? Experts seem to think so...

for +Ghost Town Google plus 
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There's a flaw in his reasoning. If you follow him Google should have disappeared already.
I never really got into Facebook. I understand the attraction, but it was not for me. I like G+ and hope it can remain and grow with the audience/users. +Marie Hélène Visconti 
+Michelle Potter I was not a big user of Facebook. It did not suit me but I used to use twitter quite a lot and I'd like to have some microblogging tool in Google+. I like G+ ginormemously 
I happily use FB to keep in touch with widely scattered family, and G+ as my Twitter - news feed and windows on the world.
there is an app for that, but I prefer to wait for G+ to get on with it!
I have a Facebook page for myself, but I don't like the lack of privacy so I have very few 'friends.' And I have a Facebook page for my blog which works rather well. Many of my relatives simply are not that interested in social networking. We do all our networking through email. If I had lots of relatives that used it, I can see how it would be a valuable tool. I have found many flaws in their user-friendliness and privacy, and it does not appeal to me. +Diana Studer 
the app, was talked about on G+. Didn't interest me, now I don't know how to back track to find it?? Maybe search G+ for draft or drafts and see if you can find it?
I have FB set to be visible only to friends. Not friends of friends. The FB page for my blog, is there, but I only feed it links to each post as it is published.
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